How To Select The Best WordPress Theme For Art Gallery

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Can you imagine an art project that has no online promo these days? I don’t think so. However, not all creative people have time to promote their works on the Internet. It is quite understandable, but business means business even when it is related to art. Luckily, you don’t need to work a lot, not to get a voguish promo website. You can get everything pre-styled with the help of the best WordPress theme for the art gallery.

It is impossible to name the only item that is the best WordPress theme for the art gallery. Different people prefer different styles, and so on. Still, there are many requirements a modern theme should meet nowadays. What are they? Check out the selection below. It is full of essentials and trendy features. You certainly need to stand out.


Freebone – WordPress Music Band WordPress Theme

Freebone - WordPress Music Band WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

When it comes to art portfolio themes, you can forget about music-related projects. That is why I decided to begin the selection with Freebone. So, what should you know about the item? Like all the professionally crafted products, Freebone comes with drag & drop technology. It has the newest d & d content creator – Elementor. The editor allows one to build or edit the site content without coding. You have lots of creator-friendly settings that are so easy to change. Besides, there is a library of modern pre-sets so that you get 50+ ready-made widgets. Here is what makes Freebone comfortable for users of all ages or skill levels. With it, one can customize their pages on the fly.

Among the other Freebone options, you can see:

  • JetPlugins,
  • High-quality,
  • WPML-ready Design,
  • SEO.

Jacob Black – Talented Music Producer Website Design WordPress Theme

Jacob Black - Talented Music Producer Website Design WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

To start with, Jacob Black comes with a handy Installation Wizard. By using the feature, you can rapidly install different addons and demo content. What else is waiting for users inside the Jacob Black pack? There are a lot of features that would help one to showcase their content in all its beauty. For example, you have Smart Slider, which is a #1 way to highlight the needed details. Like all the other theme features, this one is wholly responsive. It means it is versatile enough to fit all the screen sizes automatically. As a result, your site content will always display beautifully no matter what device a visitor has in hands. By the way, Crossbrowser Compatibility is another essential feature of today’s online projects. Jacob Black has a cross-browser compatible design inside the set.

What is more important, Jacob Black contains lots of plugins. Each of them brings modern functionality to the site. Here is what you get:

  • Jet Theme Core,
  • Jet Tricks,
  • Jet Tabs,
  • Jet Blocks,
  • Jet Blog,
  • Jet Elements.

RAMS – Portfolio and Art Gallery WordPress Theme

RAMS - Portfolio and Art Gallery WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Are you going to run a WordPress art portfolio? All in all, it is the simplest and proven way to promote your works online. So, let’s take a closer look at the demo version of RAMS. This WP product is highly customizable. You can change any of RAMS details without trouble, even if you have no site-building experience. On average, there are six selectable layouts to choose from, including the next:

  • 2 Column,
  • 3 Column,
  • 4 Column,
  • Rows,
  • Ramsgrid,
  • Packery.

Also, there is the Number of Posts Selector option. The feature allows one to organize their content neatly. Plus, you have Project Styles and a quick Gallery Creator. The first one lets the site owner select custom options to display. You can showcase every post on different modules, like default, sticky, or titles. Besides, you can use a charming magazine-editorial design, which makes any project look marvelous. At the same time, you have three gallery formats to use. They are healthy, Packery & Flickity Slider, full or centered. You can use the pre-packed shortcodes and combine various styles in the same post.

Brume – Photo Portfolio with Elementor Builder WordPress Theme

Brume - Photo Portfolio with Elementor Builder WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Brume is another must-see in case you are about to get a visitable WordPress art gallery. Any pro would tell you that the site navigation is one of the most critical parts of the project. All in all, your visitors should be able to find whatever they are looking for ASAP. When it comes to the website Navi, Brume is just what the doctor ordered. This portfolio WP theme comes with the JetMenu addon inside the pack. It is a super-customizable menu plugin that makes your online collection even more prospect-friendly. By using the addon, one can effortlessly add different modules to the website menu. Here is what you can do with the help of the plugin:

  • Create horizontal & vertical MegaMenu without any special skills,
  • Improve SEO results to get more site visitors,
  • Make the site design eye-friendly by dividing its content into categories and subcategories,
  • Add various and effects to the menu design,
  • Add banners, buttons, CTAs, etc. right to the menu.

To sum everything up, by working with the JetMenu addon, you can get a truly minimalist design. It will be neat and clean, no matter how many pages you are going to create.

WordPress Theme Installation

Yoha – Fashion Ultra Minimalist WordPress Theme

Yoha - Fashion Ultra Minimalist WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Creative people require creative designs. That is why I recommend you to check out the live demo of Yoha. This bright theme has several professionally styled color schemes you can select from. Besides, there is an easy-to-use Theme Color Switcher. By using the feature, one can change the look of their project in a matter of seconds. Plus, the Yoha set contains a lot of versatile settings. With it, the website owner can create the perfect design without a hitch. So what is waiting for you in the package of Yoha?

To begin with, this WordPress art portfolio theme has a DropDown Menu. It lets one putting so much info right on the main page. And you will still keep the site design clean, even if you create hundreds of pages. Secondly, Yoha comes with powerful Background Options. They make a quick but working way to improve the site design and make it look more unique. To say more, with the help of the feature, you can showcase your best works. Use it to guide the would-be-customers through your content in a magical way.

Among the other Yoho features, there are the following:

  • Easy Installation,
  • Ecwid-ready Templates,
  • Google Web Fonts,
  • Long-term Support.

Beatswave – Creative Music WordPress Theme

Beatswave - Creative Music WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Well, the name of the next product already speaks for itself. Long story short, Beatswave is the all-in-one tool for bands, sound producers, musicians, beatmakers, and so on. By purchasing the item, you get numerous ready-made pages to introduce and promote your music. For example, the set contains Discography and Single Album pages with all the necessary details in the pack. Also, there is a comfortable Events plugin. The feature is simple in customization. It allows the site owner to inform the audience about the upcoming shows and other exciting events.

Besides, the Beatswave package contains the Revolution Slider. It is eye-catching enough to promote your new products right on the website. The slider is clickable so that you can add some links to the product pages. Use the pre-packed Visual Composer to style your pages the way you want to. It is easy and intuitive, which means it is almost impossible to make a mistake. Anyway, you would see everything before posting. Among the other features of Beatswave, there are the next:

  • Multipurpose Design,
  • Sample Data Installer,
  • WP Bakery Page Builder,
  • WooCommerce Pack,
  • Limitless Colors, etc.

Avenus – Music One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Avenus - Music One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Before everything else, Avenus is a translation-ready WordPress art gallery theme. And there are many reasons why today’s site owners need the feature. On the first hand, you should understand that it is always comfortable for a prospect to view the native-speaking content. I mean, people want to understand everything when purchasing online. Surfing the webspace is a free way to relax for your customers. That is why you don’t want your business site to be hard-to-translate.

On the other hand, translation-ready content would improve your SEO results. The thing is that some search engines work with native-speaking projects only. For example, it happens with French or Korean searchers. Besides, people mostly trust the sites that come with the texts they can understand. Why is it critical?

To illustrate, though more than a billion of site users speak Chinese, less than 2% of websites represent it. The translated version of the site improves its overall SEO rank. And there will be more people to visit the website. Among the other Avenus features, there are the following:

  • Contact Forms,
  • Social Options,
  • Visual Editor,
  • Retina-ready Design.

CraftBird – Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

No need to explain why Blog is a must-have for all art portfolio themes. As you can see, CraftBird has a sweet and charming design. It is stylish and responsive. What is more important, the CraftBird design corresponds with all the latest web design trends. As well as with the SEO requirements. The theme set contains many content widgets, including post carousers, Simple Slider, SM widgets, and more. Use these features to create a more substantial online presence and get additional ways to represent your content online.

Another essential feature is WooCommerce. And here is the best thing about this product. CraftBird is an Ecwid-ready item. What does it mean? Shortly, the feature lets you create a real online shop for free. There will be everything you may need to sell online and even more. With it, you can make the website eCommerce just in 5 mins! Among the other CraftBird features, there are the next:

  • Logo & Favicon,
  • Header & Footer Styles,
  • Background,
  • Social Links.

Purin – Minimal Portfolio & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Purin - Minimal Portfolio & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Would you like to find a minimal portfolio WP theme? Don’t miss Purin tho! This trendy WooCommerce product is compatible with all the possible and impossible screens. It is critical, as there should be no time or place limits these days. So what does one get in the pack of Purin? Before all else, here are the pages you get just out of the box:

  • Home and About,
  • Works and Blog,
  • Contacts and Shop,
  • Lightbox.

There are Testimonials, must-have buttons, and other essential features. Besides, you get the set of readable web fonts. All of these would help you to tell the story of your brand, introduce some words, and write about the feature plans. Though it may sound boring, you do need eye-friendly typography now. Nobody will like visiting your project when it is hard to view out. It won’t work even if you have the trendiest design.

Why do you need a lightbox? To put it briefly, it is a voguish gallery type. Open the live demo of Purin to see how the feature works in action. It has smart navigation, which makes it simple to view your works. With the help of the function, you can divide the gallery content by branding, design, identity, etc.

Art – Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Art - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

As you can see, minimal portfolios are popular today. So, here is Art – another WP theme example that is 100% worthy of your attention. The item ideally fits photography projects, blogs, magazines, agencies, wedding studios, and more. In a word, it is the right product for projects that are somehow related to art and creativity. I don’t say this is the best WordPress theme for the art gallery simply because the choice is too extensive to select a single item. However, Art contains both the essentials and web design trends in the pack.

Below I will list only a few features you can see in the Art package. All of them are versatile, so you can change all the details to fit your taste or business needs.

  1. Mobile Menu is an essential feature in case you want to get more leads. No secret, people usually use their smartphones to look for new services online. By adding this menu to the website design, you make it mobile-friendly.
  2. Facebook Likebox is another must-have. These days, SM is much more than just a way to chat with your fellows. Users use different platforms to search for services too.
  3. Unlimited Color Presets would help you to change the website design to fit the style of the brand.

Artis – Minimal Portfolio & Shop WordPress Theme

Artis - Minimal Portfolio & Shop WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

For starters, Artis comes with two fully ready-to-use homepages. Just upload your custom content, and voila, the site is ready! Who may want to download this WP theme? In a word, Artis is perfect for:

  • Photographers,
  • Designers,
  • Artists,
  • Freelancers,
  • Architects, etc.

Well, it would be an excellent product for anyone who wanna showcase their artworks on the Internet. The Artis pack contains several pre-styled post formats, like Standard, Link, Gallery, Quote, Video, and Audio. Also, you get Contact Form 7, which is a must-have. It is essential to let prospects communicate with you once they need it.

Remi – Photographer WP Theme

Remi - Photographer WP Theme

Details | Preview

Here is another popular WP theme which comes for photographers, artists, and other creative people. The set of Remi contains the Cherry Projects plugin. With it, you can style a visually pleasing gallery of projects in a super-quick way. It allows choosing from a large number of animations and layout options. Plus, you can add custom metadata and various filters on output by tags or categories.

Also, the Remi pack contains Live Customizer. The feature is a real must-have for anyone serious about their online presence. To put it briefly, the feature lets you see all the content changes in a live mode. It means you can see everything before saving the performed changes. It is vital for beginners, as you can escape making different common mistakes.

Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Preview

Last but not least, let’s take a quick look at InkPink. This voguish b&w WP theme suits tattoo artists and studios. The item comes with a powerful admin panel. It allows controlling the website 24/7 and has a creator-friendly design. Also, there is Sidebar Manager to craft inimitable sidebars immediately. Plus, you have a stunning TM Gallery to introduce your works in all their glory. It is sortable and easy-to-change. The latest Visual Editor would bring the InkPink user a real WYSIWYG experience. Here are the other features of InkPink:

  • 7 Header Styles,
  • Ecwid-ready Design,
  • Live Customizer,
  • Latest Post Widget,
  • Commenting System.
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