5 Best WooCommerce Analytics Plugins

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WooCommerce store owners who are serious about growing their business need advanced analytics. Unfortunately, inhouse reports provided by WooCommerce are not enough. They provide an overview but nothing in-depth. So it becomes a necessity to depend on third party WooCommerce analytics plugins.

In this article, we will talk about some of the top analytics plugins available for WooCommerce. We will also help you pick the best plugin based on the requirements of your online store. So keep reading!

Top WooCommerce Analytics Plugins

Here are 5 plugins that provide advanced analytics and reports for WooCommerce. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each –

  1. Putler

Putler is a multichannel analytics and insights tool for WooCommerce. It provides in-depth reports on Products, Customers, Sales, Subscriptions, Website Traffic. Along with reports, Putler also provides key features like unlimited segmentation, filtering, drilldowns, forecasts, goal tracking and a ton more.

NOTE: If you have multiple WooCommerce stores, then this tool is an absolute must have. Infact, even if you have just a single WooCommerce store, Putler’s reports can help you grow your WooCommerce store by providing you with interesting insights.


  • Easy to set up. No need for coding knowledge.
  • Simple yet detailed reports on Products, Customers, Sales and Subscriptions.
  • Consolidates data from multiple stores, payment gateways in one place.
  • Works for both SaaS and eCommerce businesses
  • Unlimited multistore reporting
  • Automatic time zone and exchange rate calculation
  • Ability to work with multiple currencies, multiple payment gateways, multiple platforms.
  • Create in-depth, accurate reports that you can rely on to make smart, informed decisions about how to grow your online store.


  • No inventory reports
  • No mobile app


Free trial – 14 days

Starter:- For $20/month

Growth:- For $50/month and onwards

  1. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

If you have no plans of working with another interface and are used to Google Analytics, WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro might be the best plugin for you.

This extension builds on Google Analytics and it provides you with more insights about your store’s traffic, sales, the value of orders, events’ traffic, and more. It provides a complete analysis of shopping and checkout behavior. You can use this information to maximize user experience and boost sales.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Detailed tracking tools.
  • Ability to exclude shop managers and site admins.
  • More insights on customer behavior like checkout options, checkout behavior analysis reports, and shopping behavior.


  • Google Analytics does not allow partial refund tracking.
  • This tool has to be integrated into your Google Analytics so if you’re not familiar with GA, it might be difficult to find what you actually want.


$79.00/Billed annually

  1. Heap

Heap is a great website analytics tool that enables you to capture data for every click, pageview, swipe, change, and tap.

It includes advanced behavioral data that allows deep analysis of your website traffic.

For eCommerce websites, Heap offers conversion rate optimization, advanced attribution, faster reports, and much more.


  • Heap has more flexibility than other tools as it allows you to create events in different ways.
  • Flexible account plans make it simple to get started. It includes free and startup plans.
  • A live view lets you look at the events as they come in. They are filtered by your events of choice.


  • Ad blockers and extensions can interrupt the tool.
  • Its UI is quite spartan-looking yet it’s generally well laid out.


Team: Starting at $12,000/year

Business: Custom Pricing

  1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is one of the most powerful and user-friendly analytics plugins you can get for your WooCommerce store. It provides valuable insights on user behavior as well as reports on eCommerce events. One of key features of this plugin is that you can access the reports from your WordPress dashboard itself. It will give you real time user data as well as allow you to access data over a period of time on different pages, posts or sections on your website.


  • Easy installation and setup.
  • A/B testing
  • Customization options.
  • No third-party accounts.
  • Ability to import and export reports.


  • Limited free version.
  • Expensive.


Agency: $399.50/ year

Pro: $199.50/ year

Plus: $99.50/ year

  1. StatCounter

It allows you to connect a WordPress site owned by you to its service. It is a cloud-based website Statcounter service that offers service of basic website statistics.


  • Easy to use & install
  • Customized reporting for location & volume throughout
  • Can track real time custom activity


  • Not advanced analytics like customer segmentation
  • It isn’t accurate when traffic on the website gets high
  • Interface is complicated.



Which Is the Best WooCommerce Reporting Plugin for your store?

It all depends on your needs. But I also understand that every plugin has it’s upside and downside. So to make this task easier, I have put down some questions. Reply to them carefully:

– Do you only need to track conversions or do you wish to track every aspect of your store like customers, products, orders?

– Are you okay with a standalone reporting interface or do you want it within your WordPress admin?

– How much can you invest on analytics per month?

– Do you only want reports or do you wish to get insights and make decisions based on them?

Based on the above questions, I recommend you to try out the plugin that fits your requirement. I’m confident you will be able to make the right choice for your store.

Author Bio:

Andrea Juliao is the marketing lead at Putler. She specializes in digital marketing and enjoys driving customers to success. She is also a keen football enthusiast and loves cooking new recipes and blogs about it.

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