5 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

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Are you worried about the shipping features of your WooCommerce store? Undoubtedly, shipping plays an integral role in enhancing the consumer experience. You can also bring a drastic boom in your sales by using the best WooCommerce shipping plugin. 

I am going to tell you some great plugins that can resolve all your shipping queries. I will also list down their features along with pricing. But, before we begin, let us see why using a shipping plugin is useful and what features are essential in an ideal shipping plugin. 

Why Should We Use a WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce store owners adopt various strategies for augmenting sales and bringing growth in the overall business. However, business growth is only possible when we can cater to a variety of audiences at the same time. The shipping plugin makes it possible by providing multiple features for product delivery. 

Furthermore, online buyers are greatly concerned about shipping methods. When a store provides convenient and smooth shipping procedures, the retention rate automatically increases. Besides this, numerous shipping options invite buyers from different regions and countries. 

Yes, the shipping plugins are easy to integrate with the international shipping services that enable global delivery. Thus, it opens up a window for targeting international clients. 

What Features are Essential in a WooCommerce Shipping Plugin? 

Before you pick up any shipping plugin, you should have a fair idea of the basic features. These features are listed below: 


A shipping plugin should be flexible especially if you are dealing in various product categories. It means that the plugin should be able to calculate shipping rates according to varying weight, height, width, etc. Similarly, it should be able to measure the total cost of shipping as per the location. 

Shipment Tracking 

Due to immense competition in the business world, it is imperative to provide the shipment tracking option to consumers. On one hand, it helps in increasing transparency, and on the other hand, it develops consumer trust. 

International Shipping 

An ideal shipping plugin supports domestic as well as international shipping options. Your business might not currently cater to the international market, but you should opt for a plugin that is suitable for long-term growth. 

Before taking more time, let me now start listing the best WooCommerce shipping plugins. So, here it is: 

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments 

As the name suggests, this shipping plugin displays certain shipping methods as per the condition. In the same way, it restricts other shipping methods based on the product category, location, item numbers, etc. Besides this, you can also enable the free shipping option and create specific criteria for it. The plugin comes with a support of 1 year and a money-back guarantee. 


  • It lets you restrict certain shipping methods. 
  • It displays shipping methods as per the location. 
  • It allows free shipping based on product category, weight, cart total, etc. 
  • It prevents delivery from restricted areas. 
  • It enables you to offer free shipping on every subscription. 


  • A single–site license costs $79 annually 

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Many online buyers need to know the exact delivery time of the product. Since the delivery period varies from one company to another, displaying a fixed time is important. This plugin makes it possible by displaying the delivery time along with delivery options. 

Additionally, the plugin provides flexibility in delivery date and consumers can select a delivery date of their choice. Thus, the customers who are out of town can place their orders before arrival. This option provides ease and convenience. Thus, the overall conversion rate increases automatically. 

Furthermore, users can also display dates on which the company does not deliver products. These are usually the public holidays and weekends. For more customization, you can purchase a premium version of this plugin known as Order Delivery Date Pro. 


  • It allows customers to select the delivery date. 
  • It enables the store owners to display dates for non-delivery. 
  • It lets you limit the total number of orders and deliveries per day. 
  • It lets you cancel the delivery option of virtual products. 


  • The basic version of this plugin is free

Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce 

If you use a flat rate shipping policy on your e-store, this can be the right plugin for you. This intuitive plugin enables you to bring customization as per your rules and offers unlimited shipping methods. Besides this, you can create multiple shipping methods for the same country. The plugin also enables you to calculate the total shipping cost as per the product weight, category, size, etc. For more advanced features, a premium version is also available. 


  • It creates a shipping method as per the product category and location. 
  • It considers the total cart total before deciding the shipping method. 
  • It lets you offer fixed as well as variable shipping costs. 
  • It creates shipping methods as per the user role, item numbers, product tag, etc. 
  • It allows free shipping based on a set of rules. 


  • It offers a free basic version 

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping 

Free shipping is an ideal strategy for boosting conversions. However, the business owner needs to be very clear in terms of rules concerning the free shipping policy. Any mistake can defame the name of the business easily. 

Therefore, a plugin like WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping is a suitable option. Here you can set several rules related to free shipping. These rules are mainly related to location, item numbers, cart total, product category, user roles, etc. 


  • It lets you set multiple free shipping conditions.
  • It offers an intuitive interface. 
  • It offers various tools for customization. 
  • It lets you set tax rates. 


  • A premium version is available for $18

Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce 

In many businesses, weight is an essential factor to decide the overall shipping cost. This weight-based shipping plugin is a great option in this regard. It lets you calculate the total shipping cost according to the total weight of the order. 

Furthermore, you can make multiple rules to decide the shipping cost. It lets you set a fixed as well as a variable rate depending on the weight. Besides this, you can offer free shipping on a certain weight and start charging if the weight increases from a fixed value. 


  • It lets you calculate the shipping cost based on weight. 
  • You can also set other conditions for calculating the shipping total. 
  • It enables you to offer free shipping.  
  • You can set shipping rates for separate shipping classes in the pro version. 


  • The premium version is available for $19


So, this was my research on the best shipping plugins of WooCommerce. You can do more research on them and opt for the one that is suitable for your business needs. Though all of them are shipping plugins, there is a slight variation in each of them. Some of them cater to a flat shipping rate business while others focus on weight-based shipping. So, you need to know your business objectives before picking up any plugin. 

The plugin that I am currently using is WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments. Since it goes well with the nature of my business, I am satisfied with its features. 

In the end, I suggest not being in a rush. Take your time and do ample research before investing in any plugin. 

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