5 Best WooCommerce Order Form Plugins for Your Store

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Looking for a new way to sell more and earn more revenue?

The solution is simple! Just add the WooCommerce order form to your e-commerce store using a WooCommerce order form plugin.

Be it a multipage order form, payment collection form, or small donation form! The order form plugins help you create form layouts that increase your sales without coding skills.

WooCommerce Order forms enable customers to see and compare an extensive list of products than the traditional WooCommerce form layout. Generally, order form layouts support how customers search and purchase products. This happens for many e-commerce stores, thus boosting sales and revenue by allowing them to shop efficiently and quickly.

Indeed, an order form plugin isn’t for everyone. This article will help you select the best WooCommerce order form plugin to make sure that you create an ideal product layout for your WooCommerce store. 

Let’s get started!


What Is a WooCommerce Order Form?

WooCommerce store typically displays e-commerce products in a default standard format, with every product holding a vast amount of space.

The default store layout involves a grid format with 3 or 4 products in each row. Each product includes a title, short description, featured image, price, and an add to cart button. Customers generally explore through each product page to get thorough information before adding the products to their shopping cart.

A WooCommerce order form is another method to list and display products. This format is organized in a table structure where each product acquires a single row with small product images. With additional features like filters and sort options, the layout is more compact and appealing.

On the other hand, an order form plugin allows you to list multiple products on a single page compared to the default WooCommerce store layout. Customers can easily select product variations in this layout, add desired items to the cart, etc., straightaway from the WooCommerce order form.

Ultimately, a WooCommerce order form plugin is an excellent extension for customers that want to quickly choose a product from a list. 


Benefits of Using WooCommerce Order Form Plugins

An order form plugin is an essential feature for e-commerce stores as they sell multiple products, offer thousands of items, and make efforts to simplify the purchasing process. 

For example, the WooCommerce Product Table extension enables the users to create a one-page order form more accessible. You can design it accordingly – either keep it simple, elegant or customize its layout, appearance, or functionality. 

Once a new order form is created and running, it will make the buying process much more convenient. Thus, proving beneficial for both you and your customers.


5 Best WooCommerce Order Form Plugins

Nowadays, WooCommerce is an excellent e-commerce platform offering multiple options for wholesale, bulk, and quick order forms. These plugin features differ from changing the display look of the product to adding a buy now CTA button on each product page. 

Thus, whatever is the case, the order form plugins fasten the order and checkout process and complete your customers’ requirements in less time. So without any further discussions, let us walk you through the best 5 WooCommerce order form plugins.


1.  WooCommerce Product Table

The Product Table for WooCommerce is an excellent plugin for B2B stores, wholesale stores, and restaurants, allowing the listing of the e-commerce store products in a searchable table layout using filters.

No coding skills are required! Quickly and automatically display items in a responsive table with complete control over the display units or entities.

The Product Table plugin allows you to add product tables on the complete website anytime, anywhere.

The best part is you can easily list, add, sort, and search products in a table using a searchable and sortable form. Simply select the product properties you want to display as columns and add a table anywhere via a shortcode.



  • Enhance user experience with sorting, searching, and filtering options to find various products easily and quickly.
  • Uses a drop-down menu in the product table to use built-in filters like tags, attributes, category, custom taxonomy, and price.
  • List hundreds and thousands of items in a single table using Server-side and Pagination Processing.
  • Grow sales and increase overall revenue by adding variations and multiple products to their shopping cart directly from the product list page.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you $49.99/year with 1 year of support, updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.

Link to WooCommerce Product Table


2. YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms

Looking to place bulk orders on your WooCommerce store?

YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms plugin is here to help you!

This plugin serves as a tremendous advantage for wholesale and bulk store owners planning to manage their orders from retailers more efficiently.

Without wasting time on unnecessary content, pages, or products, the YITH WooCommerce order form plugin automatically processes the bulk purchase and provides innovative user management.

For example, you can create ads and apply conditional rules to make the buying experience even more personal.

Moreover, the YITH order form plugin helps create product forms that regularly prove beneficial for customers who wish to purchase products in bulk quantities. Ultimately offering you the chance of choosing information that you want to display in the product forms.



  • Limit access to order forms created on user roles.
  • Allows customers to include items to their cart directly from the search field within the form.
  • Display the ‘WooCommerce Cart’ widget only on pages containing a form.
  • Select the products by name, tag, or category to be included in the form.
  • Integrated with WPML tool to easily translate the plugin.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you $89.99/year with 1 year of support, updates, and a complete 30-day money-back guarantee.

Link to YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms


3. Rapid Order for WooCommerce

Make your online shopping experience amazing using the Rapid Order form plugin for WooCommerce!

This plugin makes shopping easy and fast for your customers, turning your e-commerce store into a wholesale order system. 

Rapid Order form plugin features live search, infinite scroll, and rapid add-to-cart functionality to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Customers can easily buy multiple, different, or bulk items simultaneously without scrolling back and forth on the pages. Also, the Rapid order plugin helps update the cart every time a customer increases the number of products in the cart.

Thus, making it really useful for grocery stores, where customers know what to buy.

Rapid Order form plugin works best when the WooCommerce store has variable or simple products that don’t need much alignment.

Hence, display Rapid Order on your shopping page using a shortcode and restrict products by category.



  • Features infinite scroll option allowing customers to add all products together on a single page.
  • Customers can directly add and change the number of products in the cart.
  • Store owners can easily specify the units and quantity of measurement.
  • Let’s the users’ display forms based on user roles.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you $99/year with a complete 14-day money-back guarantee.

Link to Rapid Order for WooCommerce


4. Quick Order for WooCommerce

As a WooCommerce store owner, you might have noticed your customers trying to place bulk orders from your store. 

Have you ever tried to offer them a solution for this?

Help them with a Quick order form! This will help your customers efficiently place bulk orders on your website. Also, allowing the customers to search for their desired products, enter the required quantity, and check out. All in a jiffy!

Specially designed for B2B wholesale stores, office supplies, stationery shops, grocery shops, etc. The Quick order form feature helps consumers place bulk orders without wasting time exploring the bulky catalogs.

Ultimately, helping both you and your customer by optimizing and enhancing the customer’s shopping experience and converting more sales for you!



  • Customers can now upload their bulk order list using the CSV import option, thus automating the entire ordering process.
  • Provides the ability to purchase multiple products from a single order form.
  • You can easily avoid categories from displaying in the Quick order form search results as a store owner. 
  • Allows creation of multiple and unique quick order forms that can be added on different pages.
  • Completely supports all extensive B2B e-commerce functionalities, including pricing visibility, request for quote functionality, and customer-level pricing. 



The subscription to this plugin will cost you $49.99/year with 1 year of support, updates, and a complete 30-day money-back guarantee.

Link to Quick Order for WooCommerce


5. Wholesale Order Form Plugin for WooCommerce

The wholesale order form allows the buyers to select different products quickly from a table and directly add them to the cart. This is more effective for wholesale consumers compared to the traditional WooCommerce product layout.

Ideally designed for bulk wholesale ordering and buying.

Wholesale Order Form Plugin supports an intuitive, user-friendly interface making it responsive on all devices. Also, with the use of searchable and categorization features, you can easily create a one-page product catalog – an excellent way to list multiple products in a directory structure.

The best part of this plugin is it can be used with other plugins as well.

For example, you can hide the complete e-commerce store using WooCommerce Password Protected Categories and make your products private.



  • The order form is completely AJAX controlled therefore requires no reloading.
  • Sends a customized message to the buyers that don’t have access to the order form. Perfect for recruiting wholesalers.
  • Allows adding of the product variations in one drop-down menu using Variation Combo Box.
  • Enable or disable pagination for small product catalogs on a single page.
  • You can include or exclude specific categories and products.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you:

  • $49.50/year for a single site license
  • $99.50/year for an unlimited site license 
  • $148.50/year for all the three plugins (Wholesale Prices Premium Plugin, Wholesale Order Form Plugin, and Wholesale Lead Capture Plugin)

Link to Wholesale Order Form Plugin



Hurry Up! And cater to all your bulk and wholesale orders quickly and efficiently by converting your e-commerce website into an order form. 

Customers can now easily add multiple products or items to the cart without wasting their time or going back and forth to search for individual items. Thanks to the WooCommerce one-page order form. 

All the WooCommerce order form plugins mentioned above can definitely add this functionality to your website to improve B2B relations. 

However, to avoid confusion about choosing the right plugin, let me help you out there. These are my most favorite plugins to use:

  • Product Table for WooCommerce
  • YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms

To conclude, I recommend you pick a plugin that fits your requirements the best.

Happy selling!

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