5 Best WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugins

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In this article, we will review some of the best WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugins that you can use on your online store. 

As an online store owner, you would want to give your customers the ease of choosing products. By doing this, your customers would be satisfied leading to increased sales. 


WooCommerce allows online store owners to insert a single image for a product variation. One of the shortcomings of this is that there is no option to insert more than a single variation image despite being crucial for selling any product. To remedy this, there are several additional variation images plugins for WooCommerce that enable online store owners to add multiple image variations to products on your online shop

What Are Some Of The Key Features Of Additional Variation Images Plugins?

WooCommerce Variation Images is a highly must-have feature for any online store. There are a couple of unique features in these plugins to boost product conversion. 


  • You can display unlimited variation images per product variation whereas, with default WooCommerce, you can only insert one image additionally. 
  • You can insert unlimited YouTube and self-hosted videos per product variation with ease.
  • It includes responsive attribute variation image gallery width which means online store owners can control gallery width based on the site viewing device. 
  • It allows you to select unlimited images while uploading variation images from the media gallery. 
  • With some WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugins, the gallery will slide automatically so that customers can see additional product images without having to manually change them.
  • You can control the gallery thumbnail position to left, right, and bottom. 
  • You can decide how many pictures you want to show in a single thumbnail slide varying between 4 and 8. In addition to this, online store owners can also specify gaps between thumbnails. 
  • Zoom is one of the most important features that help boost sales and conversion. You can disable the zoom feature according to your particular needs.
  • There is a gallery image shorting option. What this means is that you can decide the order of the variation image display in the gallery even after uploading it.


Best WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugins

We will discuss some of the best WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugins that can be used on your online store.

1. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery allows you to display additional images in beautiful image galleries for each product. For every product variation, you can upload multiple photos. 


  • You can display two extra images for each product variation.
  • It provides support to all the WooCommerce plugins, including WooCommerce Variation Swatches.
  • There is a variation image option that can be personalized.
  • This variation image option can also be removed.
  • This particular plugin supports the feature of videos as a product attribute.
  • Images and videos can be merged for an attractive display.


 $49/year for a year of updates and support. 


Click here

2. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images is another impressive tool that facilitates extra gallery images per variation on the variable products. Visitors can view and swap between the different images of each product variation. This enables visitors to view the variable products of similar color, size, style, etc. 


  • This plugin is compatible with all WordPress and WooCommerce themes.
  • It creates a 100% customizable eCommerce platform that will be attractive for customers to view.
  • This plugin is readily translatable so you can use the language that you prefer for your shop.
  • The gallery images can be switched on product variation selection. 
  • It complies with the best security standards due to WooCommerce associated with the plugin.
  • It provides a thumbnail carousel slider option along with the control for thumbnail images slider position.
  • There is a drag and drop option for custom sorting.


This is a premium plugin, which is priced at $49/year for a year of updates and support. 


Click here to view the premium version of WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin. 

3. Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce

The Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce plugin allows you to upload unlimited photos for every product variation. With the help of this plugin, you can display different sets of images each time a visitor selects any product variations, such as image, style, and color at the same time. 


  • This plugin is responsive and compatible with smaller devices, such as mobile phones.
  • It supports most of the WooCommerce themes.
  • It includes a drag and drop option for customization and sorting.
  • You have the option to add the zoom feature in the variation images. 
  • In addition to adding the zoom feature, you can also control the position of the zoom button.
  • You also have the option to have a lightbox for variation image displays.


Like many other plugins, this plugin has a free and premium version that includes advanced features. The premium version is priced at $29/year. 


Click here to view the free and premium versions of Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce.  

4. Smart Variations Images

As the name suggests, Smart Variations Images enables users to swap various gallery images each time they select a particular variation combination. Each time a customer will choose a different variation of a product, the thumbnail will change to quickly display the relevant images only. 


  • This tool facilitates the use of multiple images for a single variation.
  • Since this plugin includes dropdowns, it enables you to display your products in a minimal interface.
  • This plugin is translatable using the WPML plugin.
  • User experience is enhanced as independent images of a product variation with similar color and style can be viewed on a single screen.
  • Themes with WooCommerce implementation work well with this particular plugin.
  • It includes a simple magnifier lens.


Smart Variations Images only come with a free option.  


Click here to view the Smart Variations Images plugin. 

5. Additional Variation Images for WooCommerce

Additional Variation Images for WooCommerce is an ideal choice for business-centric purposes. It is another way to improve your online store’s flexibility and bring in more sales and conversions. 


  • This plugin is compatible with all WordPress or WooCommerce themes.
  • It allows you to add unlimited images.
  • An interesting feature of this plugin is that it allows customers to preview and switch between multiple images of the same variation.
  • Easy installation of this plugin.
  • This plugin is also translatable, making it possible to sell to customers from different places worldwide. 


There is only a premium version available for this particular plugin. The plugin is priced at $20, which includes 6-month support. 


Click here to view the premium version of the Additional Variation Images for WooCommerce plugin. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you want a fantastic online WooCommerce store where customers can see exactly what you have to offer, you should choose one of the above-mentioned plugins to significantly boost your sales. In my experience, the one that I would recommend purchasing is the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery because of its advanced features. This particular plugin is compatible with any kind of WooCommerce theme and it also includes a payment plan allowing online shop owners to use this plugin for unlimited websites. 


We hope these WooCommerce plugins will help you enhance the capabilities of WooCommerce by itself and allow you to boost sales significantly. 


Happy Selling!

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