5 Best WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payment Plugins (2023)

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Have you ever struggled with conditional shipping and payment on your WooCommerce store? If you have ever tried to hide a certain shipping method based on location, product category, or user role, you must have been searching about related plugins.

Great! Today, I am going to share these plugins with you and select you in picking up the best one. This will help you buy the most suitable plugin according to your business needs. 


How Does Conditional Shipping and Payment Help? 


If we are dealing with a wide range of products or targeting people of multiple locations, variable shipping and payment policies are helpful. For instance, you are giving a free shipping offer to every customer. When you provide free shipping, you will be bearing the cost from your profits. 

But, what about those who are buying in bulk? The shipping cost in this scenario will increase. This means that you now have to pay a higher amount, which might keep this sale at break-even and you won’t get anything. Therefore, you need to set certain conditions like free shipping on orders up to 40 kg. 

Some experts believe that this thing can restrict consumers to buy up to this quantity. Therefore, they set a minimum value for free shipping like free shipping on orders above $500. In this way, consumers buy more, you receive more profit, and bearing the shipping cost becomes manageable. In the same way, you can set free shipping on certain locations, seasons, events, etc. 

Conditional payment rules are also useful for WooCommerce store owners. For instance, you have three different payment methods but not all work for every location. It does not mean that you stop selling products globally. You will set conditional payment criteria that will show the consumers the available payment methods for them. 

How to Select the Best Plugin for Conditional Shipping and Payment? 


Selecting the most suitable plugin for conditional shipping and payment is simple. Firstly, determine your business needs. See which conditions does the plugin support and at what cost. Also, keep an eye on the money-back guarantee and support features. Some plugins offer a list of restrictions from which you can choose, while others allow you to create custom-made rules. So, study each feature, consider the cost and then opt for the one that looks best to you. 

You must have got an idea about the need for conditional payment and shipping in WooCommerce.

Without further ado here are some of the best WooCommerce conditional shipping and payment plugins for 2021.

Dynamic Shipping and Payment by Woosuite 

Whether you want to set simple or complex rules, the plugin provides every feature. You can conveniently hide the courier options for certain product categories and display those that support the product line. Besides this, you can also disable free shipping options based on product weight, location, product type, etc. The plugin also allows you to hide some payment options based on the set of rules. For wholesale and bulk buyers, where you want to send an invoice for payments, it automatically hides the PayPal option. Thus, the plugin supports conditional logic and works great for all types of businesses. 


  • It allows you to hide certain courier options based on rules like product type, weight, dimensions, etc. 
  • It restricts payment options based on the type of consumer. For instance, retailers, wholesalers, individual buyers, etc. 
  • It allows you to set import rules and restricts shipping to certain countries. 
  • It lets you put restrictions on users and user roles. 
  • It allows you to fully control shipping options like free shipping, shipping discount, etc. 


  • An annual single-site license is for $139

ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Method

This plugin offers multiple features for hiding and restricting shipping methods. You can easily hide shipping methods and set rules related to them. It lets you set shipping parameters related to products, order value, location, etc. Besides this, it provides you an option of hiding some features of the courier service.  


  • You can set multiple conditions and filters for hiding shipping methods. 
  • You can display only the selected shipping methods during a free shipping offer. 
  • You can also use the shipping methods of a third party or the default WooCommerce methods. 
  • It offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days. 
  • It can hide shipping methods for specific user roles and vendors. 
  • It can restrict some shipping methods for some postal codes. 


  • An annual single-site subscription is for $79

Active Payments for WooCommerce 

With this plugin, you can easily control the payment options based on the chosen shipping methods. Thus, consumers get to know which payment options are available with which shipping method. Besides this, you can also display all payment options for every shipping method and set conditions like order value, location, etc. It also charges a fee as per the payment method. 


  • It lets you set conditions for showing payment options for every shipping method. 
  • You can restrict some payment options based on the total order value. 
  • It is compatible with the Flexible shipping plugin. 
  • You can set percentage fees or fixed amounts for payment methods. 
  • It provides WPML support. 


  • Single –site yearly license is for $49

Conditional Shipping and Payments

By using conditional logic, this plugin allows you to restrict the payments and shipping options on your WooCommerce store. Besides this, you can set multiple rules related to payment gateways, location, shipping methods, etc. You can also set many advanced conditions like rules related to weight, cart value, number of items, etc. Apart from it, it enables the consumer to check the availability of free shipping. 


  • It allows you to set payment and shipping rules for user roles and customers. 
  • You can set custom-made rules related to shipping like shipping discounts based on cart value, product category, weight, coupon, etc. 
  • It can also put restrictions related to a payment gateway like the total order value, zip code, currency, billing country, etc. 
  • It provides consistent support for 1 year. 
  • It gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • The cost for a single-site annual license is $79

Shipping Restriction Plugin for WooCommerce 

This plugin enables you to set multiple rules of restriction for the available shipping methods. The admin can also set various conditions on which the shipping discount or free shipping is available. These conditions are related to product category,  product weight, sub-category, etc. 


  • It features multiple options for restrictions from which the users can choose. 
  • You can also select options related to greater than, greater than equal to, less than, or less than equal to a certain value. 
  • After selecting these rules, the plugin enables the respective shipping method available. 
  • You can also search the shipping method as per the restriction. 


  • An annual single-site license costs $59


After reading this post, you must have got an idea about the features that different plugins offer. Now, the best plugin will depend upon your requirements and budget. 

As far as my opinion is concerned, I prefer the Woosuite dynamic shipping and payment plugin. I like this plugin because it supports all categories of business. There is no need to go for a separate plugin if you are a B2B dealer. It supports both – B2B and B2C businesses. 

Apart from it, you can also have a look at the Conditional shipping and payment plugin as it provides support for 1 year and offers a money-back guarantee too. Similarly, the ELEX Hide shipping method also provides a money-back guarantee with all the basic features. 

So, this was my opinion and yes it can differ from yours. You should pick the one with which you are 100% satisfied. Go through the details, give your time, watch the lime demo, and then make a final decision. 


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