5 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Plugins In 2023

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WooCommerce is an excellent platform for sellers to create online stores in a short time. Hundreds and thousands of wholesale and retail sellers use WooCommerce to build their eCommerce stores. Yet, some store owners want to show dynamic pricing on their product pages. But, they do not know how to do it?


They are looking for a perfect way to handle both wholesale and one-time customers. Are you one of them as well?


You can add this feature to your eStores with the help of WooCommerce wholesale plugins. These plugins allow you to add varied pricing for different kinds of customers. 


To assist you in this, I have found the best WooCommerce wholesale prices plugins. Today, I’ll go through the top five WooCommerce wholesale plugins and their features.

What Are WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins?

If you run or want to run an online wholesale store, WooCommerce wholesale plugins are the most useful plugins. WooCommerce wholesale plugins let you show dynamic rates on product pages to attract more wholesale buyers. 


You can charge varied prices from retail and wholesale customers. These plugins are best because they save loads of funds, resources, and time.

5 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugins

Here are the best WooCommerce wholesale prices plugins. 

Woocommerce Wholesale Suite by Woosuite

This plugin helps you cater to wholesale customers with its advanced pricing features. It comes with multiple pricing features such as role-based pricing, customer-specific pricing, category-based pricing, and more. This plugin lets you assign specific prices to a particular wholesale customer or a group of customers. It would be helpful if you want to add multi-layered pricing to your eCommerce store. 


For instance, if users buy equal to or more than the set order quantity. As a result, they will get the products at discounted rates. 


This plugin allows you to allot special pricing or discounted price to a specific wholesale customer and all customers. It permits you to set dynamic pricing on simple, variable, and grouped products. You can also adjust different pricing for products, categories, pages, and users. 


Features Of Woosuite wholesale pricing


  1. This plugin enables you to create multi-layered pricing for wholesale customers
  2. You can change the pricing for simple, variable, and grouped products.
  3. It allows you to give special discounts to specific buyers.
  4. With this plugin, you can exclude or reduce tax amounts from products to encourage more wholesale buyers. 
  5. It enables you to assign varied taxes to different user roles




This plugin offers various features to cater to your wholesale customers, such as min/max quantity rules, sales agent addon, tiered pricing, and more. Prices start from $139 plus; you can also request money back in 30 days. 


Check the Product 


Wholesale Market By CedCommerce

Wholesale Market is a WooCommerce plugin that helps store owners create user roles and assign special prices. This plugin comes with both free and paid variants. It allows you to define the least product quantity to avail the special discounts on products. It encourages them to buy more items in bulk. 


You can also display the discounted price on product pages of your wholesale customers. Whenever they log in to the dashboard, they will see the assigned offers. 


It has an option to display discounted prices to regular shoppers or wholesales shoppers. It also lets you customize the wholesale price text on both product pages and single pages. The wholesale price will be visible on product pages as well as shop pages. 


Features Of Wholesale Market


  1. The plugin allows you to set wholesale pricing on variable and simple products. 
  2. Wholesale Market enables you to show a minimum product quantity on the product pages.
  3. It lets you choose whether the dynamic prices should be visible to all shoppers or not.
  4. It enables you to increase or decrease tax depending on the order quantity.
  5. The Wholesale Markets plugin is WPML compatible, which helps you translate pages into multiple languages. 




It comes with both a free version and a paid version. The free version is available on the WordPress.org plugin’s section. In contrast, the premium version costs $69 for a single site for one year. 


Check The Product (Premium Version)

Check The Product (Free Version)


WooCommerce Wholesale Suite by Rhymera Web Co

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin offers your wholesale customers a fantastic experience alongside your normal retail store. It lets you show special pricing to your wholesale customers. When the users login, they will see the discounted amount. It comes with over 100+ features to enhance the shopping experience. 


This plugin also enables you to set the minimum order quantity to buy items in bulk at a rebate. You can manage wholesale pricing options with fixed pricing and discounted pricing. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin also allows you to add a few payment gateways to encourage users to make payments through those gateways only.


Features Of WooCommerce Wholesale Suite Plugin


  1. With this plugin, you can provide a special discount to limited users. 
  2. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin allows you to set wholesale pricing on both simple and variable products. 
  3. It permits you to manage the visibility of discounted prices on the buyers’ end. 
  4. It lets you define the minimum order quantity to avail the products at a high discount. 
  5. This plugin displays tax as per your country’s law. 




WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin has two different bundles, growth bundle, and business bundle. The growth bundle comes at $148.50 for one year. On the other hand, the business bundle costs $298.50 for one year. Both bundles feature three different plugins for different objectives. It includes wholesale prices plugin, order form plugins, and lead capture plugin. 


Check The Product (Both Bundles)


I have added a few more WooCommerce wholesale pricing plugins. Make sure to check them out. 

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite Pro by IGNITEWoo

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite Pro plugin is a featured-packed plugin to manage your wholesale customers and offers them discounted pricing on bulk orders. It enables you to create multi-tier role-based pricing for wholesalers, members, buyers, etc. For instance, you can create different tiers for wholesale buyers. If the buyer falls under a particular level, they will get an item at a discounted amount. 


For instance, if they don’t come under any tier, they will get the products regularly. This plugin also offers you the option to control the visibility of the wholesale price. You can set the whole pricing to a particular user or the entire category as well. 


Features Of WooCommerce Wholesale Suite Pro


  1. It allows wholesale shoppers to backorder out-of-stock items.
  2. You can display a custom message to remind shoppers to increase the order quantity when they don’t meet the defined limit. 
  3. This plugin permits users to charge or exempt tax on a particular wholesale customer. 
  4. One of its appealing features is that you can create discount codes for wholesale users. 




WooCommerce Wholesale Suite Pro plugin pricing is $149 annually for a single site. Along with this, you get updates and customer support for one year. 


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WISDM Customer Specific Pricing

Customer Specific Pricing plugin is another powerful WooCommerce wholesale prices plugin. It lets you provide discounted prices to regular wholesale buyers with ease. You can also set discounting rules for wholesales. E.g., If a customer buys more than the given quantity, they will get a discount. Otherwise, they will not get the deal. 


One of its best features is creating a personalized and custom product catalog for each wholesale buyer. You can add many products with lucrative offers. The catalog will be visible to the limited users in their dashboard. In the catalog, you can also add products they frequently buy from your eCommerce store. This will save time and speed up the process. 


Features Of Customer Specific Pricing Plugin


  1. Not at your workplace; you can still update the data with 3rd party application integration. 
  2. It lets you set wholesale prices on categories, products, specific users, and to all users. 
  3. With this plugin, you can select the smallest order quantity on different products. 
  4. This plugin allows you to show discounted prices on both simple and variable products. 
  5. The customer Specific Pricing plugin will enable you to create a pricing tier for bulk buyers. 




Customer Specific Pricing plugin arrives at $80 for one site. In this pricing, you will receive all regular updates and new features. Moreover, you will get dedicated customer support for one year. 


Check The Product


These are the best WooCommerce wholesale prices plugins. It’s time to find out the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin.

Which Is The Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin For Your Store?

We have finally explored five different WooCommerce wholesale price plugins. Each plugin comes with best-in-class features which make it stand out from others. Now, let’s find out the best plugin amongst all. 


I will choose the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin for my WooCommerce store. This plugin has multiple advanced features to help you manage both wholesale and retail customers.


One of the best parts is, it features three different plugins, which ultimately help you generate more leads. 


The Wholesale Order Form plugin lets you add order forms on the product pages. Moreover, the Wholesale Lead Capture plugin allows you to capture customers’ information to get in touch with them. 


This plugin enables us to set wholesale prices, minimum quantity orders, tax charges, tier-based pricing, and a lot more. 


Coming over to the final note, I will pick the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin for my Wholesale eCommerce store.


What are your thoughts on this plugin? Which is the best plugin, according to you? Let me know in the comment section below.


That’s all for this article. I will catch you in the next helpful article sharing resources about WordPress, WooCommerces, and more. 

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