5 Best WooCommerce Quick View Plugins (2023)

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Looking for an easier yet efficient way to display product details on your WooCommerce store?

If yes, try out the WooCommerce quick view plugins!

Most e-commerce store owners know how important is it to make their customer’s shopping journey comfortable. This journey begins from exploring products quickly to a smooth checkout process.

For this seamless experience, store owners use the quick view feature.

This WooCommerce quick view feature makes the product finding process easier for your customers. The customers can now view the product information such as images, descriptions, features, and variants by hovering over a product without directing it to the product details page.

In this blog post, we have created the list of the 5 best WooCommerce quick view plugins to help you increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Let’s get started!


WooCommerce Quick View Plugins

A WooCommerce quick view plugin functions exactly like its name. It provides the customers a ‘quick view’ of a product without navigating to the product page. This quick view plugin displays information in a pop-up lightbox. This information can include:

  • Product gallery, its attributes, and variations
  • Product descriptions
  • Add to cart and quantity selector button
  • The additional product information like price, SKU, reviews, categories, and tags

So, how does the customer accesses a quick view? They view the quick view by either hovering the mouse over a product without clicking or clicking a button with the product information.

This method of enabling a quick view plugin in your WooCommerce store provides an easier way to your customers to add the products directly to the cart without navigating to the product details.

Thus, helping you improve user experience and eventually increasing your sales.


Benefits of Using Quick View Plugins for a WooCommerce Store

Quick View plugins are top-rated among WooCommerce store owners. This is because it helps their customers to search and find their products more efficiently than navigating the complete product page going back and forth.

Also, according to a recent survey in the US, approximately 48% of WooCommerce stores use quick view plugins. These plugins allow the visitors to easily see product information such as price, images, description, and specifications. Hence bringing many benefits to both shop owners and customers:

  • Enhance user’s buying experience
  • Boost conversions and overall revenue of the online store
  • Customers can conveniently enjoy a more quick and clear overview of the product they are interested in
  • Allowing the shoppers to add the desired item directly to the cart without leaving the shopping page. Consequently, they get a chance to continue browsing other products and end up buying more.

There are various quick view extensions available there, but not all of them are worth it.

So, Hurry up! And check out the list below to find the best WooCommerce quick view plugins that will gradually increase your sales and enhance your customer’s buying experience.


5 Best WooCommerce Quick View Plugins

Having understood the need and benefits of quick view plugins, let’s get started and review the 5 best WooCommerce quick view plugins to enable a quick view feature in your e-commerce stores.


1. YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH Quick View plugin for WooCommerce is a popular and most recommended plugin to consider for your e-commerce store.

This plugin provides you a chance to add a “quick view” feature to your online store and display related information about the product in a modal or pop-up window.

The best part of this quick view plugin is it lets you add product descriptions to encourage the visitors to purchase your product.

Another excellent feature is its View details button. Click on this button, and the customers will be directed to the product page, thus avoiding the chance of not missing any important information about the selected product.

YITH Quick View plugin also allows you to share quick views of your products on social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.



  • Allow you to customize the quick view button on the complete store page.
  • Provides an option to add social media sharing buttons.
  • Add a custom quick view box to select the information you wish to display.
  • Option to open a modal window by adding a button in the product loop, including the product summary using AJAX.
  • Possibility to disable quick view feature on mobile devices.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you $59.99/year with 1 year of support, updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.

A free version also available.

Link to YITH WooCommerce Quick View


2. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Looking for an affordable, quick view plugin for your WooCommerce store? Direct checkout is here to help!

This plugin covers all the main features a quick view plugin should have.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce simplifies the customer’s checkout process and proves beneficial for store owners to increase their conversion rates.

This quick view plugin allows the customers to view the product details like price, images, description, etc., add the order to the cart, edit the order and confirm it on the same product page. 

Ultimately, customizing the quick view button to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.



  • One-page checkout feature allows the customers to edit the cart and process the order on the same page.
  • Ajax adds to cart feature to add a variable, single, and grouped products in the cart.
  • Reducing the time of complete checkout process by redirecting the shoppers directly to the checkout page.
  • Enable quick purchase option on single products.
  • Also, remove unnecessary checkout fields to speed up the checkout process.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you:

  • $19 (one-time payment) for 1 site activation
  • $39 (one-time payment) for 5 sites activation
  • $79 (one-time payment) for unlimited site activations

All these premium packages have common features such as 6 months of personalized support, lifetime updates, a quick purchase button, the option to add Ajax add to cart alert, and one-page checkout.

A free version also available.

 Link to Direct Checkout for WooCommerce


3. WooCommerce Quick View Plugin

WooCommerce Quick View plugin is an excellent choice for shop owners who just started their e-commerce store.

With its easy-to-use settings, the quick view button is added automatically to all the products once the quick view plugin is installed.

WooCommerce Quick View tool allows customers to quickly look at the products without opening the complete product page. They can also view other products just using the next and previous product buttons.

Another great feature is its ability to change buttons and modal windows using different styling options.

Overall, WooCommerce Quick View makes up the list of ideal plugins for people starting out from scratch and looking initially for only basic features.



  • Option to open a modal window by adding a button in the product loop, including the product summary using AJAX.
  • The pop-up displays product details such as product name, price, image, add to cart button, and quantity.
  • Option to disable the ‘Quick View’ feature on mobile view.
  • Allows the store owner to set a label for the ‘Quick view’ button.
  • Customized using the color, background, and other style options.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you $29.99/year with 1 year of support, updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.

Link to WooCommerce Quick View


4. Quick View for WooCommerce by XootiX

Quick View by XootiX is a lightweight yet effective plugin equipped with amazing features and options to customize the product store easily.

You get an option to display the Quick View button, either after or before the Add to Cart button.

Quick View plugin works on a simple basic principle, i.e., to help shoppers view the main information of the product without opening the complete product page.

Its navigation feature makes it the best-reviewed plugin in the market. Customers can easily navigate from product to product using the next and previous product buttons.

With a range of features available in the Quick View for WooCommerce plugin for free, this is undoubtedly a recommended plugin for your WooCommerce store.



  • Customized lightbox for creating product galleries and images.
  • Allow you to add animations for the Quick View modal.
  • Option to select your position of displaying the quick view button.
  • Enable or disable the quick view feature on mobile devices.
  • Allows navigation from one product to another using the next and previous product buttons.
  • Features product Link button to check the product page.



The lifetime subscription to this plugin will cost you:

  • $9 for single-site activation
  • $20 for 5 site activations
  • $30 for unlimited site activations

A free version also available.

Link to Quick View for WooCommerce


5. Quick View Pro for WooCommerce

Quick View Pro is an easy yet intuitive way of speeding up the shopping experience for all customers.

The perfect plugin to use for wholesale shops, fashion websites, restaurants, photography, events, and many more.

Quick View Pro plugin allows the store owners to add the quick view feature with a pop-up style.

It gives two options to view the product lightbox. Either by clicking on the product image or on the quick view button. Just decide which way your quick view feature should work.

The most exciting feature of this plugin is the ability to feature the quick view button in a responsive lightbox. This allows the customers to choose product quantities, view larger images, add to cart variations, and other functions.

Ultimately, since this plugin offers multiple features, it’s worth the price!



  • Allow the customers to add the selected items to the cart and immediately redirect them to the products for their next purchase.
  • Allows the customers to preview items and add them to a cart through a lightbox.
  • Increase your conversions by customizing your quick view button text.
  • Create an attractive lightbox product gallery, displaying multiple images in the Quick View, showcasing the photos with a zoom feature.
  • Supports almost all product types such as grouped, variable, simple, virtual, and external/affiliate products.



The subscription to this plugin will cost you:

  • $79/year for single site activation – Perfect for beginners
  • $149/year for 5 site activations – Perfect for stores generating revenue
  • $249/year for 20 sites activation – Perfect for building sites for your clients

Offers a 14-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Link to Quick View Pro for WooCommerce



Overall, quick view plugins help you enhance your e-commerce website’s navigation. After adding these plugins, the users can easily view important information about their products, add them to the cart, and checkout without any hassle of opening the product page. Thus saving time and experiencing the best shopping experience.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered a list of the 5 best WooCommerce quick view plugins. But, which one to choose from?

To avoid such confusion about selecting the right plugin, we’ve mentioned some of our favorite quick view plugins to use:

  • Direct Checkout plugin – best affordable choice!
  • Quick View Pro for WooCommerce – Best designed quick view plugin!

All these plugins offer premium versions with additional benefits and features. Some of them also offer free trials with basic functionality.

However, the choice entirely depends on your requirements and budget, but each plugin is worth using!

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