5 Best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugins (2023)

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Running a successful WooCommerce store is not simple. Especially, when you have a huge list of competitors, boosting sales is not an easy deal. Thus, you need out-of-the-box tactics, coherent strategies, and smart skills to make your store stand out from the mob. One such strategy is related to pricing. Yes, dynamic pricing makes a big difference in getting consumer attention. 

For setting up dynamic pricing in your WooCommerce store, tons of plugins are available. I am going to share some best WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugins with you today. This will help you in selecting the best plugin and gain maximum benefits. So, let’s begin: 

What Does Dynamic Pricing Mean? 

Before we proceed to the plugins, we should know the purpose and meaning of dynamic pricing. It is a pricing strategy where you set adjustable pricing of single as well as bundled products. This price variation is based on different factors like demand, order quantity, membership, etc. 

For instance, you can set dynamic pricing for loyal clients. In this way, those who hold membership, enjoy a great discount on your products. Similarly, you can set a minimum order value for giving the discount. For instance, consumers can get a 25% discount on a minimum order of $5000. 

Dynamic pricing plugins help in setting up these criteria to offer discounts. In this way, when a consumer visits your store, he will get to know about various discount offers like exclusive member discounts, one-for-one free offers, special prices, etc. 

Why Do We Need Dynamic Pricing Plugins? 

Firstly, setting dynamic pricing is important to beat your competitors. For instance, if a dress of the same quality is available in two different stores, the consumers will switch to the store offering various deals and discounts. Now, the WooCommerce plugins help us in automating all these scenarios where a discount can work. Thus, we can save our time, effort, and create a special appeal for potential customers. 

So, let us see which plugins can help us achieve these goals:

Advanced Pricing and Discount Rules 

Having all the key features, the Woosuite dynamic pricing plugin lets you set price variations with multiple conditions. Be it a discount on product category, minimum order, or user role, you can easily use this plugin for the best results. Moreover, it also lets you offer time-based discounts to attract more visitors. 

The plugin also helps you set rules for deciding when, where, and how the discount should be available. Furthermore, you can set the type of consumer who can get the discount offer. 


  • It features a bundle of customizable templates.
  • It is user-friendly and comes with professional support. 
  • It offers tiered pricing, BOGO deals, bulk discounts, cart discounts, user group discounts, etc. 
  • It offers a live demo. 


  • Free trial is available for 7 days 
  • $99 for an annual single-site license

This Woosuite plugin offers extensive features and is reasonable too. Besides this, there is a free trial to experiment with its attributes. 

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing 

The WISDM pricing plugin helps you set custom pricing for various users, groups, and customers. It can set multiple offers like pricing tiers, order quantity discounts, product bundle discounts, product category discounts, etc. Consequently, you can create a hike in your store and boost sales in no time. 

Furthermore, the plugin is highly convenient because of its API functionality. You can add, delete, or update the pricing offers from mobile apps and even third-party ERP systems. 


  • You can set both individuals as well as bundled discounts for every customer. 
  • You can increase consumer loyalty with role-based discount offers for retailers, wholesalers, and individual customers. 
  • You can set variable pricing for sub-categories and main categories. 
  • You can also encourage bulk buying by offering cart value discounts for new as well as loyal customers. 
  • You can easily change pricing rules with an app. 


  • $80 for an annual single-site license 

The plugin is easy to use, offers multiple features, and has a live demo too. However, it does not support the buy-one-get-one deals. 

Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

Unlike others, this plugin does not offer a lot of features. However, it is not a bad choice for beginners. It comes with all basic features like cart discount, a quantity discount, user roles, etc. It also lets you set some discount offers for specific customers. These offers are common but only applicable to the specific customer group and product category. For instance, silver members can avail 30% discount if they purchase crockery from the glass section. 


  • It enables you to offer fixed discounts for multiple customers. 
  • You can give cart discounts for increasing order value. 
  • It lets you offer some common discounts for specific product categories. 


  • Single –site subscription is for $129

The plugin is intuitive and has all the basic features but it looks too pricey in comparison to what it offers. Besides this, a live demo is not available and customers can only see their discount offers on the checkout page. 

Discount Rules for WooCommerce 

This plugin is full of features and offers 20+ variations in discounts. You can apply these variations based on product categories, cart value, customer types, users, etc. Besides this, the interface is intuitive and lets you create several custom–made offers. These offers include BOGO deals, coupon discounts, percentage discounts, etc. Consequently, you can experience a drastic change in your sales. Furthermore, the support team is always present to assist. 


  • It creates a discount table and lets you modify it as per the site’s look. 
  • It puts sale badges on discounted products to differentiate them from other products. 
  • It displays the total savings from discounts on the checkout page. 
  • It supports multiple techniques for discounts based on product features, combinations, costs, etc. 


  • A free version is available 
  • $49 for an annual single-site subscription

This plugin is suitable for all levels of business. You can easily test it as the live demo is available. Besides this, a free version is great to gain experience before investing. However, you might find it a bit more complicated than others. 

Easy WooCommerce Discounts

This extensive plugin offers great features and is suitable for both newbies and experienced professionals. It lets you create multiple discount offers like cart discount, a percentage discount, member discount, etc. You can even offer a shipping method discount with this plugin. 

Apart from the basic features, it lets you set countdown timers to create urgency among buyers. Besides this, the plugin enables you to add shipping methods. You can also combine shipping methods with pricing conditions to attract more buyers. 


  • It uses conditional logic for several conditions like consumer behavior, purchase history, cart conditions, etc. 
  • It also lets you showcase other products that are not on discount. In this way, you can highlight your latest collection that is not available at discounted rates. 
  • You can display per quantity discounts to beat your competitors. 
  • You can also use countdown timers on discounts. 
  • It enables you to offer discounts based on quantity, cart, product category, etc. 


  • A basic free version is available 
  • Yearly single-site license is for $30

The Easy WooCommerce Discount plugin is ideal for all types of businesses. However, you may find it problematic in terms of support. 



I believe that all of these plugins can play a great role in adding value to your store. However, for selecting a specific plugin among these, you should consider your budget and needs. If you can compromise on the BOGO deals, you can try out the WISDM plugin. 

In case, if you want all the features along with great support and live demo, try picking up Woosuite or Discount Rules. But, this is my personal opinion. You should go for the one that looks good to you. 


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