5 Best WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugins for 2023

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Are you looking to add a discount coupon to your eCommerce store? Do you want flexibility in product pricing for your online store? If yes, then have a look at WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugin! It is the perfect plugin if you want dynamic pricing for your products.

Running an online store is no easy feat, and you have to be competent in the market to survive. If you often run offers on your store to attract customers, you must look at WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugin.

This is a perfect plugin to have for your WooCommerce store if you want to give your customers a discount for shopping in bulk quantity or run an Independence Day Sale. Whichever the reason, you must have this plugin if you want to vary the pricing of your products.

While you can’t completely control the market competition, using dynamic pricing strategies in your online store can help you stand out and boost your profit margins.

Now, I’m aware that there are many dynamic pricing plugins available to assist you with this.

I’ve put up a list of the top 5 WooCommerce Variable Pricing plugins to help you narrow down your choices. You’ll also have a better understanding of each of the plugins.

Let’s get started!


What Is Dynamic or Variable Pricing?

The term, dynamic, relates to anything that is not constant or keeps changing. In this case, dynamic pricing is the price of your products that keep regularly changing, depending on time and occasion.

It gives you the freedom of changing the prices of a product item without much ado. In fact, say, if you have a product that is in the store for too long, and you want to give it a push. WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugin will allow you to easily make changes to the value of the product.

You may also utilize dynamic pricing to sell out-of-stock items at a discount. While you have top-selling items that sell themselves, you also have unwanted items to sell. Just use the dynamic pricing approach to lower their prices.


Why Use A Variable Pricing Plugin?

WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugin is an excellent option if you run sales on your eCommerce store. Say if you have a garments store and want to put up a Christmas Sale to attract customers, this is a great plugin to alter the pricing of certain products. This way, you can boost sales of garments in no time!

In addition to this, you can also make your prices competent in no time. Running a WooCommerce store requires perseverance. You have a lot of competition in the market and want to stay ahead of your rivals. Standing out is easy if you have WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugin.


5 Best WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugins

Now that you know what we are discussing about, it is time to surf through some of our picks for the Best WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugins for you. Have a look at our list:


1. Woo Discount Rules

Advanced Pricing and Discount Rules Plugin is our top pick on this list! It has several features to get you started on your variable pricing.

With Advanced Pricing and Discount Rules Plugin, you can set the minimum quantity you want to apply the discount for in your store. Also, it gives you the flexibility to use discount rates for specific products on a per-product basis or the entire store.

For instance, if you run a jewelry store and have a membership system setup for your loyal customers. In that case, people with a specific level, say, silver level membership can enjoy a 10% discount on all products in a particular category.

Furthermore, it allows you to set the minimum quantity that your customers need to avail of the discount, including selecting a cart order value. In this manner, you can have different pricing for different customers for the same product.



  • Option to add the customer-specific discount and add pricing as per quantity.
  • Percentage discount can be applied.
  • Holiday, sale packages, and Buy One Get One Free deals.
  • Option to include free shipping.
  • Predefined templates to kickstart the plugin.
  • Customization options available.

Link to Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules Plugin


2. Elex WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Elex WooCommerce is a popular Variable Pricing Plugin that allows you to add dynamic pricing to your products. The best part about Elex WooCommerce is that it is easy to set up and use. With no hassle integrating with your WooCommerce store, you can get going in a few basic steps.

The plugin’s flexibility allows you to add conditional norms to your products that change the pricing following the customer. In fact, if you want to make specific changes yourself, it is absolutely convenient to do so.

Elex WooCommerce has certain unique features that make it the aptest plugin for your online store. For instance, it gives you the leeway to add discounts on your page simply based on the date of purchase. This also comes with an expiration date, of course.

Additionally, offers like buy and get free can also be applied at a moment’s notice. This is another excellent feature to have if you have a holiday sale in mind. Category-related discounts are also feasible to add.



  • Allows users to set rules for easy classification of discounts.
  • Auto addition of free products to customers’ carts.
  • Easy and convenient setup of rules.
  • Enable or disable discounts conveniently.
  • Offer BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals.
  • Offers discounts based on WooCommerce product category, combination of WooCommerce products, and WooCommerce product tags.
  • Compatible with most WooCommerce plugins such as WPML, Loco Translator, WooCommerce Bookings, etc.
  • Several customization options for pricing.
  • Allows easy import of rules from another store, including export.
  • Combines discount categories for customers, if applicable.



The subscription to Elex WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts will cost you:

  • $79 for a single site
  • $119 for up to 5 sites
  • $199 for up to 25 sites

Link to Learn more


3. YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

When it comes to WooCommerce Plugin, there is always one from YITH! They always know what they are doing, and they are good at it – creating amazing plugins! If you want a plugin with the most features, is it easy to set up and offers some great features to see you through? Have a look at the YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin.

It has some unique features up its sleeve for showcasing the experience in the field, as scheduling offers in advance for your eCommerce store. The plugin allows you to set a date and time for a particular category of products when you want to run sales and holiday offers.

For instance, if you want to offer a Black Friday sale for your Electronics store online, you can schedule it accordingly. With this plugin, you can add a start date and an end date to your sale.

In addition to this, if you are looking to attract customers by giving gifts and free products, YITH makes it convenient.



  • Scheduling option for setting sales and offers.
  • Allows you to apply discounts on WooCommerce products.
  • Free shipping on cart rules can be easily set up with this plugin.
  • Allows users to offer gifts and freebies conveniently.
  • Easy categorization of discounts to products.
  • Combining discount rules is easy.
  • Allows customers to input their coupon codes.
  • Ability to display the price table vertically or horizontally.
  • Shows how much customers are saving on their order.
  • Expensive in comparison to other plugins.



With a year of free updates and support, the YITH dynamic pricing and discounts plugin costs $139.99/year.

Link to Learn more


4. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts by RightPress

One of the most flexible plugins available today is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts by RightPress. It is a plugin that integrates well with most strategies and plugins.

Its multitasking features can replace most plugins for you. Several easy tools like adding discounts to bulk quantity and holiday offers make it a unique choice. Conditions allow users to update prices according to membership levels of customers and loyalty programs.

Its conditional logic system allows you to have a varied choice of rules for different category items. For instance, if you run an eCommerce store that sells sports products, you can showcase products in your store based on the customer’s purchase history. It also allows you to combine discounts as and where applicable.



  • Supports cart discount, multiple product pricing, and checkout fees rules.
  • Possible to combine various rules and override general rules with other specific rules.
  • Allows you to set a fixed price, percentage discount, or price discount.
  • Combine discount rules with ease.
  • Applies a discount to Y item when X item is purchased at an actual price.
  • Integrates entirely with WooCommerce and other plugins.



The subscription to WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts by RightPress plugin will cost you:

  • $69 for a regular license with 6 months of support
  • $93 for a regular license with 12 months support
  • $299 for an Extended license with 6 months of support
  • $401.75 for an Extended license with 12 months support

Link to Learn more


5. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

If you are looking for an experienced player in the foreplay, have a look at WISDM products. Their plugins are popular and have unique features that add value to your eCommerce store. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce is an excellent plugin if you want a convenient and compatible plugin with WordPress.

Its customer-specific discount rule allows you to customize your pricing for specific categories. With the freedom to add exclusive discounts, you can have holiday vouchers, offers, and sales up and running in no time.

The best part about WISDM Customer Specific Pricing is that you can add a custom message to showcase your customers when they are checking out. For instance, if you run a shoe store, you can show messages like, add one more to avail another 5% discount.

Its polished interface with frequent updates allows you to have a smooth experience in setting up the plugin. Active support from the developers is also another great feature of this plugin.



  • Unique and personalized catalog page with personalized discounts.
  • Customer-based pricing for a customized buying experience.
  • Set product discounts on all user roles such as for manager, wholesaler, customer, etc.
  • Group-based pricing to boost customer loyalty at every level.
  • Automatically updates the pricing rules according to time, date, and frequency.
  • Create many offers by setting discounts based on product quantities. For example, you can create a BOGO deal – “Buy 1 Get 1 free”.
  • Storewide discounts for roles, users, and groups.
  • Allows the addition of a custom message while checking out from the store.



The subscription to WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce will cost you:

  • $80/year for a regular license and $200 for lifetime access.
  • $99/year as a WISDM’ Exclusive Duo’ for a business license and $249 for lifetime access.

Link to Learn more



The plugins mentioned in the list are picked from several available in the market today. Even though all of them will serve your requirements well, a few exclusive features make the plugins stand out against the competition.

Now, each of these 5 plugins has its own pricing strategy and methods. Therefore, selecting the best out of these may be difficult at times!

So, if we were to pick a winner of the lot, it would be Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules Plugin for its versatility and flexibility.

These are my own preferences. Finally, you should select a plugin that best meets your demands and specifications.

Choose wisely and let us know what you think is the best WooCommerce variable pricing plugin for your WooCommerce store.

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