7+ WordPress Starter Themes/Frameworks for Developers

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Decided to transform into a dev but not sure where to begin? It is always a bit scary to start a business. Especially when you are a beginner but let’s leave all your doubts. In this post, I’ll show you 9+ easy-to-handle ways to manage a site. It’s possible without losing the quality of the project.

Are Devs Still In Demand?

Before all else, I wanna answer the most popular question. Does the result worth your time? Though modern technologies provide stress-free site creation, devs are in demand today. Here is what the US Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered.

  1. Web developer vacancies are going to receive a 13% increase.
  2. Over 80% of devs who prefer freelance got 25% customer growth yearly.
  3. Half of them spent less than a year in business.
  4. 30+% of official revenues are over $500.000.
  5. Still, 2 in 3 say their client base met a 50% increase.

What Does It Mean To Be a Developer?

Devs can majorly be divided into 4 groups.

  1. Front-end dev whose main task is to create a visitor-friendly web design. It includes working on the site’s appearance and it’s pages components. This dev group requires the basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS. You will also need to work with Java although it is not so popular now.
  2. Back-end developer whose main task is working with servers, sites, and apps. Here are some of the things to learn: JavaScript and Java, Cloud deployment, Express. JS, etc.
  3. Full-stack dev means you work both with front and back end.
  4. Digital product development is another popular niche. It includes creating new themes, plugins, assets, and more.

Which option to choose? It’s up to you only. However, I promised to show you how to quickly run a website. Check out the WordPress Starter themes for Developers below if you are serious about your would-be-business.

Monstroid2 – Modular Elementor WP Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Here is a must-see for those who wanna create websites with lightning-fast speed. Monstroid 2 is a leading starter theme for developers. The flagship comes with regular updates that you get for free. It is multifunctional which brings you tonnes of ready-mades, like:

  • Essential website page,
  • Over 500 pre-made content widgets,
  • UI and UX elements.

Thanks to 100% intuitive design, Monstroid2 allows WYSIWYG site managing. It is lightweight (less than 250 kb) and very smooth in performance. You get some premium plugins for all possible needs, including Jet Family.

And there’s also a magnificent Magic Button. The feature must be the dream of every user who has ever worked with WP. Simply because it makes the working process even more creator-oriented. Choose the function to mix components from various sets. It will help you to get an absolutely inimitable online appearance. Make sure you don’t overuse the button. overloaded with elements design would interrupt your visitors.

UnderStrap – Bootstrap 4 FREE Template

UnderStrap - WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Wanna save some money on website creation? Or maybe you are still not sure whether web development is what you need. I recommend you look for a freebie in this case. And there is one of them. You can use the item as a starter theme or as a parent one. Which components are waiting for users inside the UnderStrap set?

  • Custom Menu will help you to create comfy website navigation.
  • Translation-ready design increases the client base. It would attract many more visitors. Plus, it is a nice point for the search engines.
  • Featured Images will help you to emphasize on the needed content.

The product is available for anyone who needs it. Just press the ‘Download’ button and create a basic online project for free. By the way, UnderStrap just got updates. It meets modern requirements and makes a perfect choice for beginners.

Devling – WP Theme for Online Portfolio

Devling - Portfolio Website for Developer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This WP theme fits the needs of starters and experienced devs. The package contains everything and anything to run a trendy web portfolio. It makes a brilliant choice if you want to make the business recognizable. Devling works on the latest drag & drop technology provided by Elementor Page Builder. This is a brand-new content editor with a real-time preview.

What else do you get by choosing Devling?

  1. Eye-catching text blocks,
  2. Visual triggers,
  3. Comfy interface,
  4. Basic pages collection,
  5. WooCommerce pack.

Molex – LP WordPress Theme

Molex - Special landing Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Smartphones help 63% of retail website visits in 2018. More than half of US shoppers buy staff via mobile devices. Seeing that, you should work hard on the small version of the website. Or you can use the proper theme instead! Talking about Molex, it is wholly mobile-friendly. Moreover, the product comes with a revolutionary mobile-first paradigm in use. Long story short, the feature is meant to immediately create a mobile website. It would bring you first prospects pretty soon.

Here are some of the other features of Molex:

  • WP Live Customizer,
  • Retina-ready design,
  • SEO-ready code,
  • Call-to-actions,
  • Visual editor.

Paranax – WP Theme for IT Course Website

Paranax - IT Courses Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Would you like to craft a progressive IT course site in a matter of hours? Don’t miss the details of Paranax WordPress Intranet theme. The theme is just what the doctor ordered. It has a versatile design which suits all screens and browsers. When working with the product, you can set any of its parts up to your taste. It is possible to change colors, shades, backgrounds, buttons, and so much more.

Here is what you get by purchasing Paranax:

  • 4 Blog layouts,
  • 5 Header styles,
  • 3 Footer styles,
  • Cherry Socialize,
  • Intuitive search.

Weirden – Clean Digital Product WP Theme

Wierden - Minimalistic And Modern Digital Product WordPress Theme
| Demo

Don’t hesitate to open Weirden’s demo if you long for a minimalist design solution. It is extra-simple in use. Weirder contains a built-in Wizard to quickly install theme plugins. This is a WPML-ready, SEO-friendly product. You get ready-made pages for Projects and Services. Plus, there are some strikingly-colored layouts to introduce your team and other critical info.

Weirden also contains all well-known Jet plugins, including the following:

  • JetBlog,
  • JetMenu,
  • JetThemeCore,
  • JetBlocks,
  • JetTabs,
  • JetEngine,
  • JetTricks,
  • JetElements.

Nobby – Multifunctional WP Theme

Nobby - Premium Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme
| Demo

A lot of devs are looking for multipurpose WP themes these days. It is understandable, as you may run tonnes of projects with them. It saves good money and allows building websites ASAP. Here are the demos you get by purchasing Nobby:

  • Magazine,
  • Parfume,
  • Fast Food,
  • Pet Shop,
  • Car Wash, etc.

Nobby comes with an easy setup process and powerful importer. It contains rich theme options for product customization. There’s a library of section templates to select from. Use the skins the way they are or craft some with drag & drop. It will be a simple process anyway.

Rocket – Mobile App LP Theme

Rocket - Mobile App Landing Page WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

No matter how proficient you are, it is critical to keep the site clean. People won’t like even the most unusual content if the project is hard-to-visit. Today’s tools allow one to make their site comfy without coding. I don’t think you gonna disappoint your prospects. So, here are the features to look for:

  • Dropdown Menu to showcase content in a minimalist way,
  • Eye-friendly typography,
  • Responsive & cross browser-compatible design,
  • WPML-ready options.

Needless to say, Rocket has all the named features. Open the product demo to see how they work IRL.

Bluebell – Web App & Software WordPress Theme

Bluebell - Software, Web App And Startup Tech Company WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

At the outset, Bluebell fits any startup-related projects. It has flexible layouts and unlimited color variations. Users of all ages can manage the design the way they need. You get separate components for buttons, headers, logo, footer, etc. customization. Also, Bluebell contains a smooth scroll to improve your mobile pages.

By selecting Bluebell, you get:

  • Contact form 7,
  • JetFamily plugin set,
  • Various blog styles,
  • Translation-ready design,
  • Social options,
  • Redux framework,
  • Media library.

United – Minimalist Portfolio WP ThemeUnited - Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

To end with, I recommend you to take a look at United. This simple but powerful item ideally suits the needs of agencies. In case your project relates to art, the theme is a must-check. It contains Revolution Slider to guide visitors through the most important content. You get smart SM options to integrate the website with FB, Instagram, and more. Here are some of what you will find in the United set:

  • Message Box,
  • Tweetmeme,
  • Widgetized Sidebar,
  • Post & Media Grids,
  • Custom Heading,
  • Pie Charts.

In Closing

There is no need to say anyone can master site-building nowadays. Simply because you have all the needed tools ready-to-use. Ironically, web development is still highly demanded. More and more websites appear on a daily basis. Just check these numerals!

  1. Every second 17 posts appear on WP.
  2. There are almost 110.000.000 websites in the US.
  3. Only in 2012, there were 505.000.000+ hosts in America.
  4. There are more than 330 million successful domain name registrations.

As you can see, people run websites constantly. Most of them are looking for supporting services right now. So, don’t you think it is finally time to try your hand at site-developing?

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