Finch WordPress Theme

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Version 1.0.3 • 

The Finch theme is simple to setup and a perfect choice for those requiring a clean WordPress theme.

Like all wpmultiverse themes Finch in responsive, your website will flow seamless across all devices from desktops to mobile phones. This template is also SEO friendly thanks to the implementation of DRY(don’t repeat yourself) and our six years experience within the search industry.
Why not give Finch a try today it’s free after all:)

The homepage is sleek and tidy often compared to the Genesis framework templates which share similar traits.

We have not let a stone go on turned the attention to detail as always is on point. You can see this by look looking at the sidebar styling, backquotes, pagination and throughout the theme.

You can easily customize this theme via the live customizer to see changes in real time. This template has been featured on sites like WPtavern, Hongkiat, WoWFreethemes and other reputable publications.

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