How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme Review

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Many online users already know the way one can run the desired website. You can do it quickly and without trouble. It became possible as soon as the ready-made templates appeared. Needless to say, these items weren’t made today but you can’t deny the progress. So, such products keep refining. They became even more comfortable and creator-friendly. And, obviously, they became quicker! You can see new web design trends coming every season. In this post, I’m going to review one of such products. It’s a brand-new flagship for finance website, called Bitunet.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

The theme was already showcased by TemplateMonster’s team – ZEMEZjet. However, autumn 2018, Bitunet got a huge update. The items you are going to view out is a full-fledged remake of a popular bitcoin WP theme. Now, the pack of Bitunet contains even more attractive options and eye-pleasing UI elements. Would you like to figure out how they can improve your web design? In this case, don’t stop reading! Today, I’m going to review all the updates Bitunet comes with. Sounds great? Let’s get started!

Before everything else, take a quick look at the video made by Bitunet’s creators. Also, don’t forget to pay a very special attention to the visual effects!

Who may want to work with Bitunet?

First things first, let’s answer the most popular question: who may want to work with the mentioned template? Which business niches Bitunet covers? Basically, using the theme, you can set up a splendid online project that is somehow related to money and finance business. So, choosing Bitunet, you’ll easily manage a site related to:

  • finance and services,
  • financier’s blog,
  • investor, investments,
  • crypto-trading consultancy,
  • finance consultancy,
  • advisor,
  • ICO agency,
  • crypto business,
  • bitcoin, etc.

Actually, Bitunet can be suitable for many business types because it has tones of must-have functions. Still, it was made to highlight the financial part of your business. Now, let’s see what will you find in the Bitunet’s package?

Bitunet’s Skins

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

By tradition, the flagship contains several skins with completely different designs. There are the totally ready-to-use sets of pages. All the elements were already designed, so you won’t need to touch a single line of code. To run your bitcoin website just out of the box, Bitunet provides the next skins:

  1. Bitunet Default,
  2. Bitunet Blochain,
  3. Bitunet Advisor,
  4. Bitunet Crypto Blog,
  5. Bitunet Landing,
  6. Coming soon page.

Besides, the theme’s pack also has many pre-designed subpages.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

For example:

  • several styles for Single Post,
  • Category: Guide, Mining Software, Cloud, Ethereum, Bitcoin,
  • some About Layouts,
  • a couple of Cases Layouts and Careers Layouts,
  • News, Services, Contacts, Courses, About Us, Shop, Our Team pages,
  • and different styles for Single Service and Single Case.

On the other hand, among the ready-made skins for Bitunet, you will find some special pages. These are the skins called Projects Consulted. Using them, a website owner can introduce their team success and share personal achievements with the audience.

Let’s take a closer look at this fresh infographic before moving to the next point!

Bitunet’s Editor

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

As you can see, there is no need to work on new pages. However, in case you are the one, who prefers unique designs, this point is for you! Obviously, Bitunet has a handy editor, which is code-free and provides fast and stress-free web design creation. Its name is Elementor. The tool is so popular among WP users that there’s even a real digital marketplace created. It contains free and premium Elementor templates. There are pro themes, plugins, and addons. All of them were made for the Elementor-based online projects.

So, why is it so popular? Here’s a short list of the main features of Elementor.

  • Elementor’s work is based on drag & drop technology, which makes the editor pretty comfortable. Choosing the needed UI element and dragging it to the edotir’s window is all you need to do.
  • Due to a comfy inteface and code-free mechanism, the users of any skill levels can work with Elementor.
  • The editor provides its user with a cool WYSIWYG experience! Thanks to a live preview, which works in a real time, you will avoid making common mistakes.
  • Finally, inside the Elementor’s pack, you will find a huge library of presets. There are more than 500 UI elementr for a voguish web design.
  • Plus, the editor has free and regular updates. They will be installed automatically.
  • By the way, working with the page builder, you can create custom skins and save them to the library as new designs.
  • To finish with, Elementor is extremely easy-to-use! It has many tutorials and powerful interface.

To sum everything up, I should admit that a user can find everything and anything in the Elementor’s package. That’s why it became so popular! On the first hand, there will be all the must-have elements. On the other hand, Elementor offers you to use various trendy features like Parallax scrolling, Testimonials, Dropbars, etc.

Bitunet‘s Navigation

To begin with, navigation is an important part of any website. The popularity of your project depends on this point. To attract the audience, the website owner needs their site to be comfortable. That’s how you can do it a real go-to place. How can Bitunet help you with it?

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

Among the plugins of the flagship, there’s MegaMenu. It’s a stylish plugin, which has been a web design trend for years! To make a long story short, MegaMenu allows you to create the menus of any complicity. Using it, you can:

  • sort the products and pages using categories or subcategories if needed,
  • put tones of information into the site manu and keep the design minimalist at the same time,
  • add banners, images, and CTA buttons to the menu of the website,
  • highlight the needed aspects of your business,
  • improve website SEO results, and much more.

There’s no secret that to keep the audience website owner needs to help a visitor to find whatever they are looking for. On average, you have less than 5 seconds to attract the shopper before they move to the next website. Well, MegaMenu is the plugin, which helps you to showcase the most important info in a beautiful way.

Besides, Bitunet has a useful Sticky Menu. Thanks to this option, the small version of the site’s menu will remain on the top of the page. As a result, a shopper won’t need to go all the way back to open another section.

Bitunet and eCommerce

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

The next thing any website owner should think about is an online shop. You know that, in 2018, eCommerce matters. And it matters a lot! These days, running a worthy online shop is a fast and lucrative way to promote your goods. Besides, with it, you don’t need to pay a rent. Another amazing plugin you will find inside the pack of Bitunet is JetWooBuilder. This one was made to help you deal with a full-blown online shop. It contains literally every element you may need to manage a classy web store.

So, using JetWooBuilder, you will get:

  • colorful online pages to promote your products,
  • all the main eCommerce options like wishlist, cart, etc.,
  • star ratings for clients to review your items,
  • portfolio,
  • quick view option,
  • Testimonials for shoppers’ opinion, and much more!

There’s another feature, which certainly requires your attention. There are smart filters in the pack of Bitunet. With it, a shopper can search for an item by its main features like price or color. Such a wise step will definitely save the time of a prospect.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

To end with, let’s mention the next eCommerce must-have Bitunet provides you with – Related Products. The feature was made to connect your products with each other. With it, opening a product page, a shopper will see other goods they may be interested at below the main item.

Bitunet’s Visual Elements

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

Multiple discoveries show that for the human brain it’s easier to notice, understand, and remember information when it’s visual. For these simple reasons, you need to work hard on the visual content of the website you are about to build. Now, your main task is to introduce information in a laconic way. As expected, the package of Bitunet contains a lot of visual elements. Among them, you will find:

  • graphics,
  • infographics,
  • bars,
  • counters,
  • charts,
  • ratings,
  • tables,
  • various trackers made for the cryptocurrency, and more.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

Here is the way your graphics will look with the help of Bitunet. Same to the other design components, the graphics are very simple. You can use and customize them without effort. There’s no coding skills or any special knowledge required. Any detail is 100% editable, so you can set everything up according to your personal needs or business style.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

The next noticeable things is Countdown Timer. This is a trendy counter that will be located on the main page. The timer shows how much time there’s left until the end of a special offer or its start. Basically, you can use the counter to highlight the important events. For example, you can showcase the upcoming sales. The feature is versatile and Retina-ready. It will look fantastic on any device. Here’s how you can catch an eye of a potential shopper.

Finally, inside the pack of Bitunet, you will find Particle Backgrounds. This hip visual element allows you to design marvelous backgrounds. Open the live demo of Bitunet to see how it works in action!

Bitunet’s Plugins

Without a doubt, the full list of plugins is the most interesting part of any template’s update. Talking about Bitunet, its pack still comes with all the must-haves like:

  • Elementor/ Easy Customizer – plugin to create and edit new online pages,
  • Newsletter Popup – plugin to stay in touch with your regular audience,
  • JetPlugins Wizard – useful plugin, which will help you to install Bitunet and understand the meaning of its parts.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

But what else will you get? Choosing Bitunet, a user can work with the next recently added plugins for WordPress Bootstrap themes:

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

  1. JetTabs – plugin that improves the way your content looks,
  2. Jet Tricks – plugin that comes with a huge list of modern visual effects to help you stand out from the crowd,
  3. JetBlocks – another helpful plugin to work on the way your visual content look, (you can work with tables, forms, blocks, and change the design of headers or footers)
  4. Jet ThemeCore – plugin to create unusual sections,
  5. JetWooBuilder – plugin to build a professional online shop,
  6. JetPopup – plugin for newsletter subscription,
  7. JetMenu – plugin, which creates impressing menus to organize your content,
  8. JetElements Addon – plugin, which comes with numerous web design components,
  9. JetBlog – a perfect plugin for your future WP blog.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

What else can you get with Bitunet?

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

Needless to say, the mentioned points are not everything you can get choosing Bitunet. However, this post would be too long with a full list of theme’s features. That’s why I’m going to name only 10 more features the theme contains. So, here are the features Bitunet provides its owner with:

  1. extremely responsive design that looks stunning and works fast in any gadget,
  2. crossbrowser compatibility,
  3. fully mobile-friendly web design, which makes all the sections of the website scrollable,
  4. professional SEO-ready code that requires any modern search engines’ demands,
  5. many readable and eye-friendly web fonts,
  6. WPML-ready design, which means that you can translate site content,
  7. Gutenberg plugin compatibility,
  8. social media integration to bring your online project more traffic and find new customers,
  9. the opportunity to get money via popular payment methods,
  10. gallery with tags and sections, and more!

Bitunet’s Contacts

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

Before we finished, there’s one more aspect to mention! Building a site for your business, you should think twice about the contact information. It should be easy-to-find. That’s why Bitunet provides its owner with several places to put contact details, Firstly, you can locate it in the header of the website. Secondly, your contacts will be shown in the footer. Thirdly, there is a special page for them. Besides, Bitunet comes with Google maps in pack. Add them to website design and your customers will quickly find the office. Plus, people will also see the fastest ways to it.

What else Bitunet offers its users? Well, there’s a quick contact form in the theme’s package. It will let your prospect ask things they are interested at.

How much does Bitunet cost?

Now, it’s time to look at the price of this fresh flagship. How much does Bitunet cost? The regular price of the theme is $75. By the way, the template comes with lifetime technical support. It’s absolutely free and the team is available 24/7.


Let’s sum everything up! As you can see, Bitunet is a modern cryptocurrency theme. The flagship can be used by users of all skill levels to cash in on this massive trend and create a crytocurrency based company. It’s easy to install and customize the template. To sum everything up, I choose the same product from another creator – ThemeForest. This is Cryptic.

How To Launch Pro Cryptocurrency Website: Bitunet WordPress Theme Review

Even the designs of the templates remind each other. So what’s the difference? View out the table below.

Bitunet Cryptic
price $75 $59
technical support free and friendly tech support that is available 24/7 technical support lasts only 6 months but you can pay $17 to get an additional year
responsive design + +
UI components more than 500 and regular updates 40+
drag & drop editing + +
Retina-ready design + +
plugins all must-have plugins plus 10 new items must-have plugins
animations, visual effects + +
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