Bravo WordPress Theme

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Version 1.0.5 • 9th JAN 2014

The Bravo theme was designed for both bloggers and business websites. A prominent call to action can be added to the header to draw visitors to your most important content. The light color scheme and responsive design will ensure you look professional to your audience.

Bravo is excellent WordPress theme or corporate, Personal blogging and other niche related websites. It features a floating menu which allows users to navigate quickly to the relevant section of your site. Just below the header section, there’s a call to Action enabling you to increase your subscriber list or drive readers to your desired destination. The color scheme and the typography compliment the design of the site very well it’s easy on the eyes and that laid out in a clutter free manner. The attention to detail throughout this site is exceptional down to you the tag styling to the search box and how the header section is separated from the main content. As with all templates created by WP Multiverse, it’s optimized to be super fast which is the check out the demo; I’m sure you’ll agree. Search engine friendly to help you increase your organic traffic and grow your audience.

Theme highlights

  • A lightweight template that’s super easy to setup and customizes.
  • Numerous call To Action location throughout the theme
  • Supports all major WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Monarch, and many others.

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