Three ex-PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen, founded YouTube in February 2005 at San Bruno, California. In 2005 November, Sequoia Capital invested 3.5 million dollars into YouTube and further invested another 8 million dollars in April 2006. Early on into its birth, within a year and a half, Google acquired YouTube for 1.5 billion dollars in November 2006, which made it the second-largest acquisition by Google and has since operated as a Google subsidiary. It is a video sharing platform wherein users can either subscribe to other users and channels, or upload/ view/ share videos themselves. They can even rate other videos and comment on videos.

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United States

As per a June 2018 survey, 15% of US adults regularly watch recommended YouTube videos alongside the ones they watch currently. The number was higher by 22% for users in the age group of 18-29 years. It was at 15% for the 30-49-year age group and 11% for the 50-64-year age group.

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YouTube stood like a towering giant without any competitor. However, in recent years, with the popularity of online streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, the competition is taking its momentum. Still, YouTube retains the majority of the market share in most of the domains. Despite the increased frequency of ads, solutions such as paid prime ad-free membership are not only adding to the revenue for YouTube but also enhancing its competitive edge in the online streaming service market.

YouTube still dominates the short video duration segment as opposed to all its competitors in the space, and it doesn’t face direct competition yet from any streaming services. Even if the entire product base of streaming services gets exhausted, YouTube still has some of the many channels of its revenue generation and customer acquisition.

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