The online dating app Tinder started in 2012 as a joint venture between two companies- IAC and Xtreme Labs. It allowed its users to swipe left or right the profiles that they came across based on the pictures, interests, and a short bio of the person. When both profiles swipe each other’s right,’ they are matched, and then the users could talk to each other on the platform.

The founders of the dating app are Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Dinesh Moorjani, Joe Munoz, Sean Rad, and Whitney Wolfe. As of today, the dating app is a subsidiary of Match Group, which owns several companies in the online dating world. The current CEO of Tinder is Elie Seidman, and it now employs over 300 people.


Top 3 Key Stats


Tinder Timeline

You can find below the history of the dating app, releases of various apps, and year by year revenue details of Tinder since its inception.


In the demographics section, you will have a brief idea about the global popularity of the dating app, which will cover the usage patterns of different countries, gender bases usage, revenue and trend of usage, etc.  For creating the report, most of the major markets of the app has taken into consideration.






In this section, we can find the relative revenue generated by Tinder for its parent company, The Match Group, and it gives insights into the increasing contribution of the app to the total revenue for the parent company. It also provides insights into the geographical distribution of revenue streams in the past year.

Leading Revenue Markets

User Statistics

The following are the various information on Tinder and their behavior patterns. You can find information based on the number of paid and unpaid subscribers globally that can give further insights into the app usage trends globally.

Tinder Paid Subscribers

Tinder Usage Statistics

Tinder makes things easy to meet someone who matches with your interest. The app-based matching site allows you to approach as many numbers of people in a day. While making aggressive attempts, the chances to find a partner of your preference will be high. The algorithm works on the appearance of the person, and if Tinder finds it matching, then it is an indication that the matched person falls within your choice of preferences.

Tinder has a considerable market presence as opposed to all of its competitors. After the Match Group’s acquisition of Hinge, which is one of the major competitors of Tinder, the inbound revenue for the parent company has increased substantially. Most of the prominent dating apps are the subsidiaries of The Match Group.

Since physical attraction is the primary element that draws people together and Tinder works on this principle using the matching app and allow the other partner to talk and proceed further. Meeting somebody of your preference increases the chances of having a successful relationship if everything goes well.

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