Best WordPress Security Plugins

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Ensuring the best security measures is a very important step in website maintenance. And when your website is developed on WordPress, you need to provide special attention to the security aspect.

Thanks to its large user base, WordPress is a very lucrative target for hackers. They are always looking for new vulnerabilities and weak points of WordPress sites. You need solid security measures to prevent these potential attacks.

Luckily, there are several security plugins which can help you in this regard. In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to the best security plugins for WordPress. These plugins will help you prevent the common security threats and provide suggestions to improve the overall security.

  1. iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress. The Pro version comes with all the necessary features for protecting your site from hackers and other security threats. First of all, the Hide Login & Admin features will change the default URL’s of the login pages.

The strong password enforcement allows you to choose which type of users should use strong passwords. Thanks to the integrated brute force protection feature, you can limit the number of login attempts for the users.

There is also a file change detection feature, which will alert you in case of any changes to your website files. Other notable features include full database backup, automatic 404 detection, away mode, ReCAPTCHA integration, etc.

iThemes Security Pro pricing starts from $80 per year for 2 sites.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Simple way to hide the login and admin pages
  • 2-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Detailed security checkup for individual users
  • Malware scanning, 404 detection, and away mode features.

Full Details & Download

  1. Wordfence Premium

Wordfence is another widely used security plugin for WordPress. It comes with various security features like malware scanning, web application firewall, constant threat analysis, etc. to protect your website from new and existing threats.

The firewall is continuously updated with the latest updates from the threat defense feed. This will identify malicious traffic and prevent them from entering your website. The plugin will actively monitor all the login attempts on your website and bock any potential brute-force attacks at the preliminary stage.

Along with the regular blocking options, Wordfence premium also comes with manual blocking options. You can check out the login and logout history, track the bot and crawler activities, and get detailed reports about the blocked attempts.

Wordfence premium is priced at $99 for 1 year. You can reduce the price by increasing the number of keys or years.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Unique threat defense feed to block new attacks
  • Reliable web application firewall to block suspicious traffic
  • Malware scanning with remote scan feature
  • Special tool for repairing corrupted files

Full Details & Download

  1. Defender

Defender is a WordPress security plugin developed by WPMU Dev. This premium plugin allows you to strengthen the overall security of your WordPress site. It will scan your website for security vulnerabilities and provide feedbacks to improve the existing issues.

The plugin will continuously check your website files for malicious codes. It will alert whenever any core file is corrupted and/or changed. The detailed security reports will be useful in tracking the common issues with your themes and plugins.

Blacklist monitoring is an interesting feature of Defender. This feature will inform you whenever your domain is blacklisted so that you can take quick actions. As the plugin will keep automatic cloud backups of your website, you won’t have to worry about that.

You can get Defender by becoming a WPMU Dev member. Membership pricing starts at $49 per month.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Complete website analysis with recommendations
  • Continuous file scanning for suspicious codes
  • Restore the original version of any corrupted filed
  • Automate website backup on the cloud

Full Details & Download

  1. Hide My WP

The immense popularity of WordPress is the number reason to why WordPress site gets targeted so much. You can change by hiding the fact that your website is based on WordPress. You can easily do that by using the Hide My WP plugin.

The handy plugin allows you to hide the names of themes, plugins, change the directory structure, permalink structure, rename the login, admin areas, uploads folder, etc. There are some common terms which confirm that a site is based on WordPress. As the plugin allows you to remove or replace any string from the source code, you are saved from that risk too.

Hid My WP will work as a solid firewall against various kinds of attacks like brute force, SQL injection, XSS, reading arbitrary files, etc.

You can get the plugin for $19.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Complete solution to hide all traces of WordPress
  • Blocks direct access to PHP files
  • CSS and HTML minify features
  • Detailed information about the suspicious visitors

Full Details & Download

  1. Swift Security Bundle

Swift Security Bundle is another comprehensive security plugin for your WordPress site. Thanks to the simple plugin options, you can make your website more secure without requiring any technical knowledge.

The plugin allows you to hide all traces of WordPress from your website. It is also possible to change any string you want on the source code. This makes it more difficult for attackers to find out which CMS you are using. There is also a pre-configured firewall, which will be useful in preventing malicious attacks and blocking suspicious traffic.

Other notable features include geo-filtering, brute force protection, email notifications, CSS/JavaScript minifier, code scanner, multi-site support, etc.

The plugin is priced at $36.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Offers a comprehensive solution for WordPress security
  • Built-in firewall and geo-filtering for blocking suspicious visitors
  • Scheduled code scanner for the website files
  • Simple plugin options for easy management

Full Details & Download

  1. Smart Security Tools

Smart Security Tools is a highly powerful plugin to improve the security of your WordPress site. The plugin works with Sucuri Free Security Scanner and VirusTotal to calculate a unique secureity percentage point for your website. It will also offer various tips to improve the score.

When using the plugin, you can prevent SQL injection, long URL, disable XML-RPC, restrict the username length, remove username, WordPress version, and perform various other tweaks. There are also lots of .htaccess enhancements which will further enhance the overall website security.

You can get the plugin for $30.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Lots of custom tweaks for enhancing website security
  • Security logs to store details about suspicious events
  • Email notifications about the security status
  • Export and import the plugin settings to and from other websites

Full Details & Download

Final Words

If you want to protect your website from the common security threats, vulnerabilities, and other weak points, you should use a security plugin. Now that you have read this post, you know which security plugins you can rely on.

Do you any of these plugins for your WordPress site? Or maybe you are using other methods to secure your site. Whatever method you use, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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