5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins – Compared

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Before you know about the best WordPress cache plugins, you need to know the basics. I’m sharing a comparison coverage here which will help you pick the best, but you should always check these details.

The only way to become an expert at WordPress (or anything) is to try and experiment with different options. So, you can check each of these plugins yourself.

My job here is to first let you know about caching, how it works, how it is beneficial and followed by the best cache plugins we have out there.

What is Caching?

Caching is a technique which involves saving of static content in the web browser at the user’s end. When a website is reloaded or reopened, the static content is delivered from the web browser itself, rather than re-fetching it from the server.

This simple to read technique saves a lot of time and makes the website looks faster than usual.

With more brains into the cache technique, it has evolved from this abstract view to a much advanced one. For a person who is not into coding, caching is definitely a mountain to summit.

Thanks to the developers of these plugins, a normal user can still enjoy these advanced features without getting into coding. A proper configuration is all it needs to make a website’s performance top-notch.

So, Which is the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium plugin which comes with easy to understand user interface and is almost set to function what it is supposed to. The moment this plugin is installed, the difference in page load time can be noticed easily, all thanks to the advanced page caching techniques it uses. The decrease in page load speed also favours the search engine ranking of individual posts, which is a big win-win situation. The code behind is checked for efficiency and security and the overall plugin is developer friendly. FYI, the number of features it offers are more than any other alternative.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin holds techniques to compress static files coded using HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript.
  • It can even implement LazyLoad feature which can make a page full of images, load instantly.
  • The plugin supports the implementation of CDN and the functionality is available by default.
  • It is compatible to work with Multilingual plugins and also with the e-commerce plugins to support the shopping portals.

Full Details & Download

WP Super Cache

A free plugin developed by the WordPress developers, is I think the best way to define how important WP Super Cache plugin is. It can take care of a WordPress blog and improve the page load speed in any way possible, without minimising the available feature set for the users. It is the mostly used caching plugin, considering the fact that it’s the official developers behind the product. It is 100% compatible with every new WordPress version, making it the top choice.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can take care of the PHP caching and also has built-in tools to compress the web pages and make them weigh less than usual.
  • The plugin supports CDN and it also saves a Cache rebuild which can be reset anytime you want.
  • A simple switch is there which can prevent the caching of specific or all pages for logged in users.
  • It uses the Mod_Rewrite using Apache which is the fastest caching method available out there.

Full Details & Download

W3 Total Cache

With over a million active installs, W3 Total Cache is the most advanced plugin out there, which offers all these features to the webmaster. One can configure those available features according to the custom requirements and can have better control. However, the number of features inside also makes this plugin a safe bet for expert users only, as a newbie can easily get lost in the numbers and definitions. The plugin is well-labeled and the sections are divided intelligently to make it still look easy. It is used by some big names in the technology industry.

Plugin highlights:

  • W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to use with CDN. It is recommended by most of the CDNs out there including MaxCDN, which is everyone’s favorite.
  • It works perfectly with SSL using websites and can even cache the web pages in mobile-friendly mode.
  • It can work on HTTP compression and minify the HTML, CSS, JavaScripts and even feeds to deliver up to 80% of the score.
  • It supports various database optimizing techniques to bring down the size and further decrease the page load speed.

Full Details & Download

WP Fastest Cache

The hunt for a caching plugin should end at WP Fastest Cache because these four are the only recommended ones. This last entry is another free plugin which uses the special and the fastest Mod_Rewrite caching technique available. It supports SSL and CDN which are the vital elements in the modern web programming.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin allows the webmaster to set Cache Timeout for particular or all cached web pages.
  • It can automatically create a cache of all supported websites using the Preload Cache technique.
  • It has options to exclude certain web pages from caching or the complete website for certain user roles.
  • The plugin is available in more than a dozen international languages.

Full Details & Download

Comet Cache

Full Details & Download

Which one is the best?

Now we come to the final chapter of the coverage where we’ve to decide which one is the best among these. As per me, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugins are really close to each other, and WP Rocket is currently leading the scoreboard.

The third one is a premium option, so you need to consider using it only if the project is premium. Otherwise, you can easily rely on the other two free options we have.

So, which WordPress cache plugin you’re picking now?

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