5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (four are free)

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WordPress is an open-source platform opens tons of vulnerabilities. But, it doesn’t mean we should take a step away.

Rather, we should aim for hardening WordPress and make sure everything is kept in a proper vault. One way of doing that is by keeping a backup of the complete website, regularly.

Now, you can do it manually, by downloading the files and folders from front-end and the complete database from the back-end. And then, keeping a copy of these files at a separate and secure location.

Or, you can go with the second method, i.e., using the backup plugin. These can make the process automatic and will help you have peace of mind. Today, I’m going to share a compilation of the best WordPress backup plugins.

So, go ahead and check the best options we have.

#1 VaultPress


Automattic is the parent company of WordPress, and if they come up with a product for the platform, it’s always going to be the best. VaultPress is their premium product, a perfect solution for the backup requirement. It’s premium in every standard, comes with all standard features including many premium ones, and the best part is that, it doesn’t affect the performance of the website much. The setup is required once to be completed; later the plugin can take care of everything on the automation. It can take daily backups on automation and can even take real-time backups if your website is extremely dynamic.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin packs its own security configurations which can improve the security standards of the website.
  • It comes with built-in stats, helping you to keep an eye on everything going around. It also tracks activity.
  • The backups are arranged on a calendar, helping you to pick one quickly by picking a date.
  • It also comes with a restore website feature, which also works on automation.

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#2 BackWPup


For all newbies, there is no better solution than BackWPup. It is a free product which packs enough features and functionalities to offer a complete experience. It can take backup of almost, every WordPress site file and can store the backup to FTP, directory, Dropbox, S3, SugarSync, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive and can even send it via email. It keeps proper logs and can work on automation once the configuration is done. It provides proper details for the particular tools that help the user to set a particular configuration as per the requirements. Once you are happy with this free version, and your website grows further, there is a premium version available too, which is highly recommended once your website becomes big.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can take the backup of both, front-end and the database behind. It can even export WordPress XML file.
  • It can optimize the Database if, in case, any file becomes corrupted.
  • It can work with multiple sites, being WordPress Multisite ready.
  • It is always kept updated to stay perfectly integrated with the latest WordPress version.

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#3 Snapshot Pro


Snapshot Pro is another premium product, and it comes with every feature or functionality one might dream of. It is coded well to stay perfectly integrated with Dropbox and Amazon S3 cloud storage services. It works like a time machine for your website, keeping everything updated and secured with proper mention of the timestamp, making the restoration extremely easy and perfect. Moreover, it can even keep the backup to FTP and SFTP, thanks to the integration for both.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is configurable with Google Drive storage, which is one of the best cloud storage service.
  • It can take scheduled backups and can keep everything well-arranged in a single place. A manual backup option is also there.
  • It works with the concept of Multisite and has a separate configuration for the same.
  • You get this and many other premium plugins and themes with a single membership plan.

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#4 UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration


I recently gave a try to UpdraftPlus, and it did impress me. The plugin is extremely simple to use and packs all the required tools in a simple and elegant looking UI. It packs support for Google Drive, WebDAV, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, and even Amazon S3. I became a fan of its restore feature which can really help save our time and efforts. Thousands of users have already used the product and it has received a very rare, 4.9 rating out of total 5.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can keep backups on a daily basis, keeping logs of everything going on. And, you’re allowed to download those backups.
  • If an attempt is failed due to any technical issue, then it’s automatically retried to ensure proper completion.
  • The restore process works on both front-end and the database part.
  • It packs a premium feature that can restore a complete website using the backup created by other compatible plugins.

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#5 BackupBuddy


It’s a premium product from iThemes, and it comes with three prime functionalities, backup, restore, and migrate. The product can take care of all three, and most of the process is automated, once you are done with the configuration. It comes with dozens of security measures which are added to your website automatically, and it can even keep a backup of the deleted files, which is a rare and helpful feature. The UI is simple and impressive, and the best part is that, it’s an old plugin which has been actively helping WordPress users for years.

Plugin highlights:

  • It takes the backup of everything, widgets, users, comments, plugins, themes, media library, and even the database.
  • Proper email notification is sent on the completion of a particular process which was initiated either manually or on automation.
  • The plugin is extremely helpful in migrating the WordPress website from one server to another.
  • It packs built-in server tools that can offer you additional benefits if you are aware of how to use them.

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Now, these plugins can work on automation, but you still need to keep on eye on everything, at least, once a week. Also, keep the backup file on a safe location. I personally keep it on Dropbox and also on my system’s hard disk. Finally, let us all know which plugin you are picking up and exactly why? This will help other visitors to make a better decision and will also work as feedback for us. Peace!

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