5 Amazing WordPress Social Media Plugins (2018 Compared)

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Social media integration on your website can help increase your site’s engagement level and also drive in more visitors. Now, this can be easily handled by WordPress users by installing a social media plugin.

However, if you start searching the internet you will meet with several social media WordPress plugins, but not all of them are of high quality, and some of them can make your site lag.

And so, we have put together a list of the best social media plugins for WordPress. This will save you the troubles of searching the internet and being overwhelmed by so many mediocre alternatives.

It’s worthing noting that without a solid strategy you won’t be able to fully maximize the effectiveness ness of these plugins. That being said, we can draw inspiration from the top social media influencers to craft our own strategy.

So without further ado, let’s get into the list:

Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Monarch Plugin

Monarch social media sharing plugin for WordPress comes from the developers at Elegant themes. The plugin offers plenty of social sharing buttons with great design quality. However, the plugin doesn’t simply look as it offers plenty of useful functionalities as well.

It also throws in a bunch of customization options to tweak the look and feel of each social share button. Furthermore, there is the Monarch Dashboard from where you can access different settings, statistics, and data.

Without a doubt, with Monarch, you are getting one of the most advanced offerings for social media integration to your website. And if you are not convinced then simply take a look at all the features it has to offer.


  • Comes with social sharing buttons for over 20 social media networks.
  • Supports 5 different places to add social sharing buttons.
  • Plenty of triggers to activate the automatic pop-ups and fly-ins.
  • Customize the shape, color and hover effect for each button.


Social Warfare

Next up we have Social Warfare which is an extremely popular social sharing plugin for WordPress. The plugin will help you incorporate stunning social sharing buttons to your site which should propel users to make the click. Also, you get functionalities that will help to control how users share your content.

The plugin follows a freemium model. This means you can install and use it for free. But most of the advanced functionalities will be locked, and you will have to upgrade to the pro version to access them. Regardless, for free, you get the necessary functionality to add lightweight social share buttons to your site with no extra hassle.

Now if you are wondering what you will get with the pro version then here is a quick look at all the features it has to offer:


  • Customization options for the social media buttons.
  • Pinterest-specific images for when a user shares something on Pinterest.
  • Option to specify a minimum share count.
  • You can recover your content’s old share counts even after switching domain names.
  • Analytics and link shortening options.



The SocialFans WordPress plugin comes packed with support for over 30 different social media networks. You get access to great looking social counters for all these social networks. Furthermore, the plugin is built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework and follow a mobile-first approach.

The plugin is also translation read which means you get the option to translate the button text into other languages as well. There is also a sticky mode for the plugins. It will help you to showcase the social counters constantly either on the top, left, bottom or right side of your blog.


  • Ability to drag and drop the social counters to any location on your website.
  • Support for CSS animation.
  • Widget support for displaying your social profile as well as follow counter.
  • 7 different viewing option to present the social counters.
  • Light and Dark colored skins for the social counters.
  • Automatically integrated API which shows share counts in real-time.



ARSocial is a powerful social share and social locker plugin for WordPress. It can be used to showcase your social likes, follows, subscriber count and much more. The plugin also has support for over 42 different social media networks.

There are also options to automatically display the share button at multiple locations, including a share button counter, and also customize the position of the buttons for mobile devices.

The social locker functionality can be used to prevent specific content and only allow access if the reader shares it on social media.

There are also options to set the desired time till the content can be accessed without sharing on social media. However, do remember to use the social locker functionality wisely as it is known to lower your SEO score.


  • Customization options for all your different social buttons.
  • Availability of multiple CSS3 based icons and templates.
  • Compatibility with Cornerstone and Visual Composer Plugins.
  • Built-in analytics that lets you track user behaviour.
  • Multiple options to display your social share buttons including sidebars, footers, headers, fly-ins, and so on.


Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons are easily one of the most feature-packed social sharing plugins for WordPress. Any feature you want involving social share functionalities, you will get from this plugin.

For example, you will get support for over 50 different social media networks. On top of that, you get the flexibility to place these social share button on over 28 different locations on your websites. And concerning design and customization, you get over 50 different premade share templates and over 25 different animations.

Here is an in-depth look at all the other functions you will get with the plugin:


  • Plenty of customization options which will even let you customize the tweets and much more.
  • You can set a minimum share count to display to your readers.
  • Option to set after share actions.
  • Advanced analytics options along with A/B testing.
  • You can display a list of popular posts based on share count.
  • A built-in subscriber form module which helps you add an email opt-in.
  • Live chat button for Facebook Messenger and Skype Live Chat.



In Conclusions:

These were our picks for the best social media plugins for WordPress. As you can see, you are bound to find something that fits your needs. Whether you want a plugin which will allow you to add a diverse arrangement of social buttons, or you want different triggers for pop-up or fly-in buttons.

So which plugin do you find most suited to help boost your website’s engagement and traffic? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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