The marketplace of TemplateMonster is full of worthy products for website building and designing. The choice is wide indeed. So, it’s not always easy to find a perfect fit for a future project on the first try.

This fact led the TemplateMonster team to the creation of the subscription service that would contain hundreds of products for launching a website. ONE is a substantial step toward the ultimate convenience of the clients.

For a reasonable price, it is possible to get access to the best selling and new coming themes, templates, plugins, and graphic elements. Instead of one theme or template, you get tons of variants that could be tried on as many times as needed. Plus, the subscription comes along with high-quality styling elements and plugins for expanding the functionality of the website.

ONE is a full-fledged solution both for the web design studios and people that don’t deal with site building on the regular basis but still need a professional-looking website. In other words, this subscription service will be suitable for everyone.

Would you afford it? What are the terms of use? How will it work? Obviously, too many questions appear.

In this article, you will get the answers to the most common questions. So, let’s finally familiarize with a new product with promising opportunities!

What is inside ONE?

The subscription boxes and services such as the one from Switch or StitchFix are extremely popular. Nowadays, the variety of products from all micro-niches is so wide that pulling them together and giving customers the right to choose seems to be reasonable. Such services provide access to the rich collections and allow trying the included options until finding the perfect fit for the project.

Thus, the ONE by TemplateMonster is a new representative of the business model that contains:

In fact, the subscription service contains everything needed to build a website. It gives access to the rich library of themes and templates. All the items are absolutely customizable. Right from the admin panel, mostly by dragging and dropping the elements and clicking on the certain buttons, it is possible to stuff a website with content. Furthermore, the modern page builders allow organizing it in the most appealing ways.

In addition, the ONE includes plugins for SEO, speed, performance optimization, server maintenance, and more. With its help, every subscriber will manage to expand the functionality of the website and add extra features.

As a rule, every theme and template comes with clear documentation and guidelines for the stress-free installation process.

What License do all Products come up with?  

Here comes another advantage of the ONE subscription.

All products have an unlimited yearly license. It means that all themes and templates can be used for multiple projects as many times as needed (during this year). There is no need to repurchase the product which is super convenient.

The good news is that the website will still work even when the “unlimited license period” will be expired. All themes and templates downloaded under unlimited license will be valid and be updated regularly anyway.

No pitfalls. It’s indeed as simple as it sounds.

Is Subscribing a safe Thing?

The ONE subscription is provided by TemplateMonster. Dozens of products from its marketplace are sold daily. A great number of financial transactions are made without any issues or suspicious inaccuracies. The company keeps on inspiring trust among customers all over the world.

Therefore, the subscription service is absolutely safe.

Furthermore, it offers a beneficial option. If a subscriber doesn’t download any of the product from the library within 14 days, he/she has an opportunity to cancel the subscription without losing money.

What about Client Support?

Most of the premium themes and templates come with 24/7 support from a vendor. In the case with a subscription, all items are also backed up by the client support.

Any problem can be solved at any time. The team of competent specialists will be able to provide immediate assistance. Thus, even if you had never worked with a particular product, you will manage to overcome all issues (if appeared).

Does ONE Subscription worth my Attention and Money?

Without a doubt, the ONE by TemplateMonster at least worth your attention. Even if you don’t deal with dozens of projects, this option might be super useful.

The service contains solutions for projects of different thematic areas for various purposes. Regardless of the thematic focus of the activity, everyone will find something suitable. Moreover, its library is full of multipurpose themes that were designed for fitting multiple purposes.

With the help of the included products, it is possible to launch a blog, an eCommerce store, a gallery, a landing page, a digital one-page presentation of the project, etc. The opportunities of every theme and template allow customizing the technical and styling options of the future website.

Speaking of the financial side, the benefit is obvious as well. The price of the single theme or template ranges from $75 to $150 and more. The subscription provides access to hundreds of products including both themes/templates and plugins. Moreover, the collection will be filled in with new items on the regular basis.

Therefore, if you still think about the worthy investments, this one can be indeed the right one.

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