With less than several weeks left in the year, it’s imperative you need to find ways to market your business for 2020 now. If you’re serious about promoting your business, your marketing strategy needs to include more personal touch. You know that there are different ways available but your task is to understand how to put your strategy to use. Think of it as setting a road map for your growth journey. You don’t need to go along all roads available, instead of several that help personalized marketing messages between your brand and your target market.

Don’t want to have a one-hit-wonder campaign that quickly fades away? Learn 6 tried and proven ways to market your website in 2020. Get started today and generate more leads for your business.

Where to Start Marketing My Business Online

When it comes to promoting your business online, all roads should lead to your website. To have success, an effective website is your top priority. Without one, it’s still almost next to nothing to promote business.

#1 Email Marketing is Live

Don’t take the word for it, email marketing isn’t dead. In 2019, marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760 percent increase in revenue. Still, email is the channel generating the highest RO for marketers, making it 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Email Marketing

Indeed, email marketing today is far different than it was 5 or even 10 years ago. Today, innovative technology is evolving day by day. Today, email needs to be on brand, on message, and pixel perfect. Otherwise, it doesn’t engage customers or drives revenue. With the myriad of DIY tools at your disposal, creating both engaging and brand-appropriate emails is hassle-free. Want to set your brand apart from the crowd? With the Ultimate digital marketing bundle, you can go as far as you like. Much better, right?

Ultimate digital marketing bundle

Also, forget not that we live in a fast-paced, multi-device, mobile world, where 60 percent of online adults using at least two devices each day. That’s why mobile-ready email design is a necessity today.

mobile-ready email design

Being bombard with information, today’s consumers expect brands to know who they are. That’s where personalization and hyper-targeting come into play. Relevancy is your weapon, otherwise, your email will end up in the trash or marked as spam.

Relevancy is your weapon

The era of the DIY marketers is here and you need to take advantage of it. Build your email list today to create better email campaigns and stellar results for your brand. Even though it’s a lot of work, it drives real returns.

#2 Set up a Google My Business Account

Google handles billion local searches every day. To get even more mobile engagement, promote business on Google. So, when your customers search for you, you’ll be waiting for them.

Set up a Google My Business Account

Once you set up a Google My Business account, get ready for:

  • increased visibility in search,
  • the better shopping experience for buyers,
  • more traffic to your website.

That’s a great tool that gives customers enough data about your business. It also helps them determine if they want to engage with you. Be accurate with who you are, what service/products you sell, where you’re located, and what’s your website. These are some of the key data important for your customers. So, are you not there? Well, you are more likely to miss out on revenue and valuable insights about your customers.

Ensure your information is accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date. As a result, the more Google knows about you, the higher your chance for your GMB listing to appear in more types of searchers. Share photos, ask customers for reviews and respond to them, and contact through direct messages. Your customers are looking for you, so don’t make them wait. Indeed, if you want to receive 35 percent more clicks to your website. All in all, it’s one of the most powerful tools a local business can utilize to position yourself in front of new buyers.

#3 Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Social media, blogs, and search engines are places where you’ll find users who want to get informed. Today, social media is a noisy place, with lots of information created and shared every day. So, it’s in your own interest to bring value, entertainment, and story to your social media users. It’s your chance to build an audience that can promote your brand on social media.

build an audience that can promote your brand

One thing to remember here is that social platforms can and will change the rules of the game. So, you need to keep up with these changes to see the key growth in 2020. In times where some brands are loosening the social media reins, you need to cultivate a brand voice that is consistent with your brand identity. The more creative you are, the more effectively you can use it to drive conversions.

You know the nature of each social media channel varies. Moreover, it plays a major role in deciding whether your content is a good fit. That’s where you need to think about your customers first. In times where your audience might be open to connecting with your brand in a Twitter, long-term content might work better on LinkedIn or Medium. In fact, memes and captioned photos are inappropriate for the latter platforms. The solution? Find the channel that is a good fit to position your content.

think about your customers first

To help your customers to recognize the value of your brand, take advantage of social media templates. Whether you create a social network or a community site, there is at least one solution that worth the attention.

#4 Consistent Blogging Is Your Priority in 2020

In 2019, you simply cannot ignore the benefits of blogging for your business. Just think of numbers. 70 percent of people would rather learn about a brand through blog articles rather than by seeking an ad.

benefits of blogging for your business

Today, you need to approach consumers differently. Having a blog on your website increases your chances of ranking higher in search engine results by … 434 percent. Huge numbers, right?

chances of ranking higher in search engine results

A solid blog takes time but it’s worth the effort. Moreover, it’s the backbone of your website’s organic SEO and is the best way to market your website in 2020. Your relevant and optimized blog can generate traffic. This is especially a great way to target longtail keywords. The more entertaining and useful your blog is, the more willing your readers to sign up for email communications.

target longtail keywords

Change your approach when writing content for the blog. It’s no longer about selling your products or services. Today it’s all about customer experience and solutions that can save your customers the day. An effective blog is the one that is designed to convert visitors.

Spoiled by choice, customers expect more than quality goods and services from their brands. They know they can get things from numerous places, so why go the extra mile. The only thing is a brand identity that can give you the impact you’d like to have on the world. The axiom ‘Content is King’ continues to be true even in 2020. So, show your expertise and communicate with your customers from a place of authority.

#5 Priority of SEO

When it comes to other ways to advertise your business, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized templates would be your smart bet. Even though blogging is an absolutely essential tool for SEO, investing in SEO optimized and mobile-ready templates are crucial. Without a doubt, WordPress themes dominate in the digital world but it doesn’t mean that other CMS platforms have no chance to stand out. Coded in line with the best web design practices, Apparelix works great for e-Commerce websites of all kinds.

Apparelix is great for e-commerce websites

Creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website is a necessity. SEO allows you to bring in targeted, highly relevant visitors that are interested in your product or service. If you are a newbie, professional SEO optimized templates would be a huge help for you. It’s strongly recommended to understand how SEO is critical to getting traffic from search engines. As long as you dig deeper, you’ll know that without proper on-page SEO, your website won’t rank. So, when you invest in optimization, you choose the best way to promote a new business.

#6 Just Do It Better than Your Competitors

These are just some of the several advantages of digital marketing for your business. Once you know which of them work better for your business, you’ll be able to create a successful online marketing plan for it.

In times where your competitors have built strong, good business, you have no time to lose. Marketing continues to evolve at warp speed, making your head spinning. Your task is to adapt and evolve with new marketing strategies to stay competitive in 2020. To help you build a strong online presence, ONE Membership service would come to the rescue. Professional templates, themes, powerful plugins, awesome graphics, no matter your need, there is definitely a lot for you.

ONE Web Design Membership

Top Assets To Market Your Business

Business 002 – HTML5 Ad Animated Banner

Business 002 - HTML5 Ad Animated BannerDetails
Thinking of starting your Google Ads campaign and don’t have a professional designer to design your ads from scratch? Or you’re a web designer, and you don’t want to create some banners from the ground up.

Check out this HTML5 ad animated banner, which you can use for your Google Ads campaign. These ready-made Ad banners can be easily customized for your project or client.

You can add your graphics to them, change the texts, and so much more. They come in sets with different sizes. The ad design is stylish and engaging. You can easily rearrange all the content according to your requirements.

Professional Services – Design Studio Ad Animated Banner

Professional Services | Design Studio Ad Animated BannerDetails
This is a multipurpose ad animated banner for businesses and web designing studios. These banners were designed to showcase offers and other important aspects of a design studio. They come in seven standard sizes. They’re also HTML5 and CSS3 based and fully editable. You can use them to present your design studio, creatively.

These banners look beautiful, and they would promote your business and services nicely. They’re supported by Adwords, Double Click Studio, and other useful ad programs. All banners look attractive and have a creative design that you can easily customize to fit your brand.

Shopping & E-commerce – Fashion Accessories Animated Banner

Shopping & E-commerce | Fashion Accessories Animated BannerDetails
Let’s continue with another fashion website template alternative, Shopping & E-commerce – Fashion Accessories Animated Banner. Fashion Accessories Animated Banner is an awesome HTML5 banner template. The trend of online shopping has grown very fast now, and so this banner is designed keeping that in mind. It can be used by branded stores, fashion studios, online shops, etc. who want to boost their business projects and make their store a huge one.

Fashion Accessories Animated Banner offers you the right look that will keep your shoppers engaged for longer. Present your services initially and wow everyone, whoever sees your advertisement. You can link the product with a call-to-action button and increase sales.

Brand – Best Creative Business Flyer Vol_ 16 Corporate Identity Template

Brand - Best Creative Business Flyer Vol_ 16 Corporate Identity TemplateDetails
The Brand – Creative Business Flyer Vol_ 16 Corporate Identity Template is a modern premium design. Modify the text and color, making this flyer unique and appropriate to your offer.

If you have a creative business idea, then this may be the best flyer’s design for you. Show people that you’re innovative and contemporary while still being professional.

By adding your fonts and images, you can make this flyer represent your business. Corporate Identity Template is one of the best informational brochures because of the easily customizable flyer layouts. With its minimalist design, you can say anything you want to say and still get a professional, quality result.

Brand – Minimals Flyer Vol_8 Corporate Identity Template

Brand - Minimals Flyer Vol_8 Corporate Identity TemplateDetails
This is a corporate marketing flyer design. This Corporate Identity Template is fully customizable. You can easily modify the template’s color with three color scheme options. All the text is customizable, and the flyer comes with a unique free font. You can quickly change the images by dragging and dropping the photos in place. This flyer is a letter-size so you can mail the flyer if needed.

The Minimals Flyer Vol_8 Template is an excellent example of a business flyer. You can make the brochure perfectly represent your company or business. Whether you found this by looking for an example of a business flyer or looking for a template, save time and download this template today.

Mailbox – Business Card Vol_5 Corporate Identity Template

Mailbox - Business Card Vol_5 Corporate Identity TemplateDetails
When it comes to design, less is more. And taking a minimalistic approach to your business card can be far more impactful than trying to include too many elements into your design. Does “minimal” mean boring for you? There are still lots of creative ways to experiment (like unexpected color combinations or text layouts) without overdoing it on the design front. A clean, minimalistic style of Mailbox – Business Card Vol_5 Corporate Identity Template creates a feeling of sophistication and clarity. Applying that style into your business card design says the same about you and your company. This template includes two color options, reverse, grayscale, and black and white logotype. It is fully customizable. And if that’s how you want your company and to be interpreted by people, a minimalistic style to business card design is for you.

Sum Up

Starting a business is easy, but running it successfully is a continuous effort. With a strong online marketing plan for your business, getting the word out about your brand in 2020 is much easier.

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