Ecommerce website development is a complicated and time taking process. One should do serious researches to build a highly converting eCommerce website and stay competitive in the field. Your site should always be up to date and offer all the latest stuff that’s available in the market. Being engaged with the customers is one of the keys to becoming a successful eCommerce website owner.

Among several significant points to consider when building a successful eCommerce website is the control over the growth of the sales. Strategic marketing is the greatest mean you can force to boost your eCommerce sales.

Promote the sales on your eCommerce store offering various deals, through pop-up advertisements. Why popup advertisements specifically? Just because these are the most powerful ad tools that can be used for online marketing today.

Practice has shown that website popup marketing is the most converting way to boost eCommerce sales. The most eye-catching and attractive tools to pick anyone’s attention searching on the site.

Think about finding the best and the easiest to use popup tool if you just decided to start a popup marketing on your eCommerce website. Hundreds of popup creator tools are available in the market for your choice. Pick the one that suits you with pricing, the easiness of the usage and number of customization options.

Once you pick the popup tool for your site, you should learn some strategic tricks to get the most profit with popup marketing.

Let’s check some top 5 popup types that can be of good help to you.

Real-time conversion

Ever seen a popup window when closing a window trying to leave the site or close a tab? Well, this is an exit intent popup. The name itself says all about the functionality of the popup. It appears when the user intends to exit the site.

Exit-Intent technology is the most refreshing options available for popup triggering today, as it’s one of the most effective.

Really, what can be more attractive rather than a popping up window that appears just when you navigate away to leave the site?

So, as a future successful eCommerce website owner, you should consider this fact and think about the perfect promotion you’ll show in this kind of popup. 🙂

The best thing the shoppers like about any store is the sales offered for them. Consider this when creating an exit intent popup for your site and provide some deals to stop them from leaving the store. If you include a positive image in the popup, this will increase the chance of getting the shoppers back to the store.

And, of course, you should not forget about the CTA button that will redirect them to the store right through the popup.

GDPR Secure Popups

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the essential changes in data protection regulation, generally. EU Parliament has approved that organizations in non-compliance may face hefty fines, started from 25 May 2018.

This rule refers to the forms on the site that are collecting any user data. Such kind of structures may be Contact and Subscription forms, for example.

According to the rule, you should provide the security of your users’ data, and let them know that you’re collecting their data through your forms.

So, an excellent solution, in this case, is including a checkbox that users must check and confirm that they allow you to collect their data.

After all, as you are done with providing security to your users, you should think about the offer you’ll be showing to boost your sales via Subscription form.

Ask your users to subscribe to your newsletter and be updated about all the sales you offer on your eCommerce store.

Sales + GDPR compliance will become the key to collecting more subscribers in your list.

Spinner popup

We all like to play games! So why not make money on it?

One of the fascinating popup elements recently has become Spinner element. Users become more motivated in making more purchases when a spinner with prized is offered inside a popup. You can show some sales, 1+1 prizes or some other good offers inside the spinner. And when the users spin the wheel, they’ll get the prize and go back to shopping at your store.

A beautiful image will significantly increase the chance of getting more sales through the spinner popup. Make it prominent and eye-catching. Make sure the user will get engaged with your offer at once and boost your sales.

The popup may be set on your shopping page. Make it appear on Inactivity. This is an excellent option Popup Maker offers. The popup appears after the specified seconds the user stays inactive on your site. What can be more effective than pushing the inactive user to shop via a funny little popup?


Counting down sales

Got a tour agency website and didn’t know how to boost more sales? Even if you offer deals on the site, you still can’t realize more selling? A well-constructed marketing popup will be a savor for you. The best type needs a Countdown + Subscription form popup.

Subscription popup is the best way of keeping customers updated about all your offers, including sales and all that stuff. Newsletter updates are the best informative means always to let them know about every single news on your site.

And the best motivating way to offer users subscription is putting a time limitation on your offer. A simple countdown form will immensely double your subscribers’ number, and your sales will always be on top.

Any offer, that’s presented with time limitation is more likely to be paid attention from the customers. Nobody wants to miss a chance of managing something.

So, keep this in mind and create a beautiful collaboration of a countdown form and a subscription form in a single popup.

Adult content restriction

As a professional website owner, you should follow all the security rules required according to the content. And if you have an online store selling some adult goods, like alcohol, for example, you must restrict the access from underage visitors.

This protection will significantly increase your ratings in the field, and your store will undoubtedly be viewed as a highly professional one.

A simple restriction (age verification) popup will be of great use for your case. Include 2 CTA buttons inside your popup and ask your users to confirm their age.

If they confirm, the popup will close allowing access to the store. If they do not confirm, choosing the second button, they’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll explain why they can’t access your store, for instance.

Add the popup on your homepage, on page load. So the confirmation popup will appear as soon as one enters your online store.

Your store will become more highly rated and more professional in the sphere. You’ll legally boost your eCommerce sales.


Ecommerce website promotion has become a lot easier these days. Popup marketing has made it more accessible.

Millions of popup solutions are offered for your choice to run more effective marketing for online stores.

Merely pick the perfect popup creator tool from the thousands of available in the market. Keep some rules of smart website promotion and go ahead to implement popups as powerful advertising means.


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My name is Ani, I’m a Content Writer at Popup Maker. We are specialized in marketing popups to help our users boost their sales with the use of popups.

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