11+ Beautiful One Page WordPress Themes You Should Try

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Powering a landing is an important step to maximize your sales. At present, to power a one pager, you don’t have to be a genius of coding. Modern one page WordPress themes are newbie-friendly as they let you design your landing completely in visual mode.

Why you need a landing page?

Still not sure whether you need a one pager or not? The facts below will help you decide.

You need a landing if you want to:

  • Simplify the decisions of your audience and effectively streamline them to the purchase;
  • Generate new leads;
  • Employ closed-loop marketing to better target the desired audience;
  • See the landing page helping your ad campaign succeed;
  • Sell your featured product or several products more effectively, etc.

Why I recommend these onepagers?

Today I introduce you to 12 best one-pagers of 2019. They run on popular WordPress 5.0 and give you awesome opportunities for editing your theme visually. With add-ons packed, these themes make it extremely simple to power a website even if you’re a newbie.

As you check out the themes below, don’t forget to check out their Live Demos to see how to sample content is arranged and animated for increased impact.

Be sure to check out these free one page WP templates.

La Palette – Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

La Palette - Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme
| Demo
Do you need a splendid theme that is potent in engaging a wider audience? I highly recommend La Palette with the incredibly graceful and laconic layout. This minimal theme will be a great match for creative agencies and startups.

Premium design is not a single attraction of La Palette. It’s enriched with Elementor builder and highly useful Jet Family plugins. For example, this theme contains JetThemeCore for streamlined creation of alternative website headers and footers. Jet Elements is a gorgeous addon, which adds tons of extra content blocks at your disposal. Other valuable Jet plugins let you add hamburger menus, authorization links, tabs, accordions, and cool visual effects. Moreover, with Ecwid, you can always power a cool e-store on the go.

La Palette is the theme to highlight your company’s strength with the content that you customize up to your vision. Finally, you’ll enjoy the visual effects of this great theme at first glance!

Insights – One page Creative WordPress Theme

Insightis - Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

If you’re after the most attractively looking and sophisticated theme to highlight the individuality of your company, choose Insights theme. It is ideal for your creative, marketing or advertising agency, and ready to present all of your attractive offers.

The theme is empowered with Elementor builder which lets you tap into visual editing without any prior web design knowledge. There’s hardly a more comprehensive and robust builder than Elementor, which Insights additionally enhances with Jet Add-ons. The theme is equipped with additional add-ons for beautifying headers, footers, navigation panels, accordions, image grids, etc. JetTricks is the addon which infuses your site content with inventive CSS tricks and impressive transitions. Use it to foster higher user engagement. Insights also brings you 4 alternative and stylish layouts for the Blog section of your website.

Insights is the theme created by high-class experts to let your users fully appreciate your supreme and convenient web presence.

Effector – Premium Futuristic Onepager WordPress Theme

Effector- Landing Page Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

The next item I want to introduce today is the front-running and trendy Effector. This onepage is built to drive your message home and convert effectively serving your marketing purposes.

The theme has an extra cool dark design with inventive particle elements and enthralling CSS animations. It ensures that your content is well structured and enhanced with conversion-optimized CTA buttons. With Effector, you get the free access to a batch of pre-built Cherry plugins. Use Cherry Socialize to make social integration of your website 100% effective. Moreover, power Cherry Search on your website to take your site’s usability to the whole new level. Finally, customize Effector using Elementor and preview your adjustments live with WordPress Live Customizer.

Effector is a hot theme to run an effective marketing campaign or present your company in 2019. Be among the first to take advantage of the advanced web presence creation it offers you!

Creatonix – Landing Onepage WordPress Theme

Creatonix - Landing Page Elementor WordPress Theme
| Demo
If Effector looks like a viable option for your business, there’s a similar option with a cosmic design called Creatonix. The particle background that users see when they land on your website is bound to intrigue the audience and encourage them to keep browsing.

All the sections of this theme highly emphasize readability and smart structure of your content. Creatonix offers you a well-thought arrangement of CTAs that are bound to drive the desired conversion. Moreover, navigating Creatonix is intuitive and simple with the creative right-side navigation, which is animated on scroll. Creatonix also has the additional plugin on board to let you work with the MegaMenu of your website. To accommodate the needs of new web design adepts, this theme delivers you easy-to-grasp visual editing with Elementor. The pack of Jet Elements will speed up the process of landing page creation for you.

All in all, Creatonix is a well-tested and powerful option for an effective landing page.

Educator – Energetic Education Services Onepager WordPress Theme

Educor - Education Courses Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

Want to attract new students to your IT school or online courses? Let the landing do the job of telling about your courses and enlisting new participants. Educator is a modern and stylish theme created with this purpose in mind.

With Educator, you can create a landing page that is impossible to leave until reaching the end of it. This theme employs creative backgrounds and asymmetric content arrangement to help your website look fresh and convincing. The sections are built the way they inform about your business in a logical way and drive users to conversion. Apart from well-thought design, Educator is a true bounty in terms of functionality. This theme brings you a set of Jet plugins, including JetBlocks, JetMenu, JetTricks, JetTabs, etc. These plugins provide the building blocks for the design of this template. Moreover, they offer you a collection of additional website building blocks that you can use out of the box within Elementor builder. Needless to say, Educator offers you access to WordPress Live Customizer and lets you sell courses online with Ecwid e-store extension.

Do not hesitate to go for Educator if you want users to learn about your courses on an effective landing and convert to your student right away!

Intelity – IT Courses Onepager WordPress Theme

Intelity - IT Courses Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

Feature-loaded and easy-to-customize, Intelity is a perfect base for a smart IT education website. The main page of your website will be enhanced by a fullscreen slider, upbeat flat icons, testimonials of your students and Instagram-powered feed block.

This onepager also offers you rich media integration: you can embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, add audio podcasts and images of different formats including .gif animations. To customize the template with ease, make use of inbuilt Elementor, a template editor that offers you adding elements from the library with simple drag-n-drop. Needless to say, this theme offers you a flawless collection of 5 ready-made headers, 3 usable footers, and 4 alternative Blog versions. Pick the layouts that please you most and go live with your landing within a short period of time!

Finally, the theme’s responsiveness is flawless with every element’s ability to adapt to the peculiarities of small (mobile), medium (tablet) and large (PC) screens.

MagIT – IT Conference & Codathon WordPress Theme

MagIT - IT Conference Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

MagIT is a winningly colored new IT conference onepager by the established theme provider. This theme features extra-large captions and readable, well-structured content. The main goal of MagIT is to effectively present your conference and make it impossible not to visit. The theme has multiple engagement and conversion triggers that boost the effectiveness of your conference landing page.

The template’s header is loaded with social icons that let your site guests join you in popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, with this visually perfect onepager, you don’t have to think about purchasing sample images. You’ll get a package of IT event oriented imagery within your MagIT package. Next, MagIT has a feature-rich interface, which is created with the help of new-gen Jet add-ons. You can take advantage of additional UI blocks shipped within these plugins using Elementor builder. Finally, with MagIT, you can create an appealing display of your conference schedule and attract new participants with the help of it.

Spellbind – Creative Designer Onepage WordPress theme

Design Firm WP Theme
Details| Demo

This unique WordPress theme will perfectly suit a design studio, art gallery or photographer. You’ll hardly find a brighter and more welcoming onepage on the web. Spellbind mesmerizes with creative sliders, cool CSS tricks, unique content alignment, and unusual grids.

On top of its bright, modern design, Spellbind brings you swift editing with Elementor WYSIWYG editor and JetElements pack. Use them to introduce brands, testimonials, pricing tables and intricate post displays in a couple of clicks. Moreover, you can tweak the settings of your site with Live Customizer, page editor that allows seeing all the changes in live mode with Ajax functionality.

The theme also comes with Revolution Slider that turns every visual element of your site into an astonishing visualization. Despite the fact that Revolution Slider is a premium add-on, you’ll get it as a free bonus with Spellbind. Finally, this onepager is fully responsive and brings your customers awesome experience on the go.

Verger – Architecture & Design Onepage WordPress Theme

Verger - Architecture Company Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

Do you want to implement a visually stunning architecture onepager? Do you want to winningly represent all the information people should know about your company and services? In this case, the Verger theme will be your true magic wand.

With the convenience of newbies in mind, Verger is built for Elementor editor. Fruitful Elementor lets you change the structure of your website with simple drag-n-drop. You get a chance to display an attractive Portfolio of your projects, present your team members and create engaging content displays with JetElements plugin. This plugin lets you not only add the content of different types, but also customize and use various widgets and style settings. Moreover, Verger ensures that it’s simple for potential clients to stay in touch with you. It exposes your links to profiles in social networks and lets site guests contact you with a corresponding form.

All in all, Verger is a highly appealing onepager for an architecture bureau that will make you famous on the web.

Freestyx – Freelancer Portfolio Onepager WordPress Theme

Freestyx - Freelancer One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

Do you want to increase your chances of being hired as an IT or design professional? Establish yourself as a most-wanted professional with the creative Freestyx onepager. This theme has a pretty straightforward structure, which ensures that all of your strong qualities and experience highlights become known to site guests.

The visual appeal of Freestyx is enhanced with animated counters and diagrams, creative timeline and attractive icons. Another appealing block of the template is the borderless Gallery that you can modify up to your needs. To customize the theme, open up Elementor builder and enjoy its visual editing interface. The theme also features Cherry Socialize plugin which lets you display a customized Instagram feed on your website.

This template also fully supports Ecwid, which will be useful to all those who want to sell their services online. Based on Bootstrap, Freestyx provides you with 100% responsive website design that takes care of all the diversity of viewports.

Monetum – Cryptocurrency Investment WordPress Onepage

Monetum - Crypcocurrency Investment Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

Monetum is the onepage devised and fine-tuned for establishing your top-notch web presence without hassle. With it, building your Bitcoin expert blog or landing is simple as ABC. The template has a straightforward and compelling design which makes people eager to deal with you. It also provides for minimalism and abundance of negative space on your website.

All the pre-built pages that come with the theme can be easily customized with drag-n-drop thanks to Elementor builder. What’s more, the theme is pre-packed with 2 nice-to-have giveaways for you: JetElements plugins, and a pack of niche-fitting stock imagery. Needless to say, the Monetum theme is versatile in terms of ready-made header and footer layouts.

Monetum prioritizes delivering a stunning user experience on mobile devices over the stale and obsolete PC-first approach. Last but not least, this theme sticks to the latest guidelines of Google and other search engines to provide for your website’s improved discoverability.

Celerony – Splitscreen Onepager WordPress Theme

Celerony - Creative Splitscreen Elementor WordPress Theme
Details| Demo

Celerony is a recently-released creative WordPress onepager that makes the best use of the innovative split-screen design. This clean template is animated on scroll and enthralls new site guests with immersive imagery and elegant fonts.

You can fully customize the clean theme’s layouts and content using comprehensive Elementor page editor that’s empowered with Jet plugins. These plugins offer additional blocks and provide you with extended display options for such sections as Team Members, Services, Projects, pop-ups, etc. Moreover, the extensions that come with Celerony let you create comfy website navigation, add social feeds, add diverse content modules, distribute newsletters, etc. Moreover, this theme comes with a set of premium hi-res images and lets you power an Ecwid e-store.

Thanks to the lightning-fast loading speed of Celerony, your website is bound to get a higher ranking from Google and have a lower bounce rate.

Over To You

You’ve just reviewed the best one-pager designs that our team was able to find for you. These great themes capitalize on newbie-friendly visual editing and offer you their prolific collections of additional elements. Fortunately, these themes are also supported round the clock by the professional team of assistants. You can reach them out via live chat, e-mail support or phone calls.

Which one-page theme seems the most appealing to you? Share your thought and questions in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!

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