5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugins (2020 Compared)

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While measuring the success of a website we mostly look at how much traffic that site is receiving. However, if the site is not able to efficiently convert these traffic into subscriptions or sales, then is all that traffic really worth it? Hence it is highly important for proper implementation of call-to-actions on your website.

This is where the role of popups come into play. Statistics have proven that popups are one of the best methods for boosting your conversion rates. Now by default WordPress doesn’t offer such popup functionalities, but that can be easily managed by installing plugins on your website.

Now for this read, we will be looking at some of the best WordPress popup plugins. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Bloom Plugin

In essence, the Bloom Plugin from Elegant themes is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin. It comes equipped with all necessary tools to help you with this task. That being said, the main feature highlight of the plugin is its ‘automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers.’ You will have full control over how your pop-ups look like, and what behavior activity causes them to pop-up on the screen.

Here is a bit more comprehensive look at its popup related features:

    • Access to over a hundred pre-made templates for the opt-in forms and pop-ups.
    • Extensive customization options to tweak the design, look and feel of the popups. It is important as an attractive pop will lead to better lead generation.
  • Several options to let you choose when you want the popups to trigger. For example, you can set a time delay, or have it trigger when the user reaches the bottom of a post, after scrolling, after commenting, once the user makes a purchase, or even after a period of inactivity.

Apart from these you also get:

      • Integration with 16 different email marketing systems.
    • A highly powerful and user-friendly Bloom dashboard.
  • A/B testing.


Elementor Popups

Elementor, the most popular page builder for WordPress, offers as part of the Pro package an advanced visual popup builder.

With Elementor, you have the most professional styling features to help you build a truly beautiful and effective site, and one of the big differentiators of building popups with Elementor is that you get the same level of design to build your popups.

Incorporate your WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor content in your popups, to create a richer experience for your visitors.

Elementor Popups also offer advanced targeting and triggering options that help you set off the popup at just the right time and to the right segmented user.

Use Elementor’s integrations and connect your popups to your favorite email marketing tools. With Elementor, popups work off the bat, with no setup needed.


Convert Plus

Convert Plus is a feature-rich popup plugin which is fitted with all necessary features that can help your WordPress website turn into a lead generation powerhouse. And besides offering so many features, it is also super easy to use. You can practically create gorgeous popups in a matter of minutes.

Now without delving too much into an introduction, let’s get on with the laundry list of features the plugin brings to the table:

    • First and foremost you get access to over a hundred professionally designed templates for your popups.
    • Besides all the ready-made templates, you will also get a real-time live editor to tweak the templates or create your own design.
    • You can also configure your popups with the boatload of different triggers, including an exit intent trigger.
    • There is also the option to customize each popup according to the page or post which can have a positive impact on the overall conversion rates.
  • To help you known what combination works best for your site, the plugin also throws in A/B testing.



SumoMe is a well known and free list building plugin for WordPress which comes packed with powerful popup functionalities.

The plugin offers many features that will help you build a strong mailing list, especially during the early phases of your websites. It comes with relevant features such as scroll-in popups, exit-intent popups, and much more. Also, as you start to grow, you can hop on to their premium plans for advanced offerings.

Feature highlights of the plugin would include:

    • The heat map functionality that helps you track how visitors are behaving on your website, and whether or not they are actively interacting or not.
    • There are also plenty of social sharing tools, to drive in more traffic to build your mailing list.
    • A built-in analytics system to let you evaluate which post or page is working best.
  • There is also the option to add a customizable contact form which will let you quickly set up your contact page.



OptinMonster is one of the most well-known as well as best-selling newsletter plugins. It packs in a lot of useful features bundled in a user-friendly UI that has helped hundreds and thousands of users. All the plugin features are geared towards helping to grow your email list, among which we have the pop-up functionality.

Here is a quick look at the pop-up related features you get with the plugin:

    • The ability to create beautiful pop-up forms with access to over 65 pre made templates.
  • Advanced page level targeting.
    • A/B testing.
    • Geolocation targeting.
    • Integration with all the popular e-commerce platforms and email marketing services.
  • Options to trigger pop-ups based on user activity, e.g., exit intent popups.


Hello Bar

Hello Bar WordPress plugin isn’t strictly a popup plugin, but it will help you to grab your readers’ attention by implementing a simple navigation bar. These navigation bars can be configured to show up either at the top or bottom of your website/blog and convey a message to your readers, like a deal or offer.

You can get this plugin for free, but it follows a freemium planning. This means to access some of its advanced features, you will have to pay. However, the free version does cover much of the basic features.

Now coming to some of the feature highlights for the plugin:

    • An extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to get the most out of the plugin, even for beginners.
    • A tracking option which lets you monitor if your conversion rates are actually improving.
  • An interactive design style which will surely improve audience engagement.


In Conclusion:

We hope you enjoyed our best WordPress popup plugins roundup and found it to be helpful. Also, if you are a former user of any of the plugins we mentioned here on this list, then do let us know about your experience with it. Other users will love to get feedback from a fellow reader.

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